Shirley Hills Baptist to hold week of worship for youth

July 10, 2013 

Shirley Hills Baptist Church will be holding its 15th annual WOWBSAR (Week of Wild and Wonderful Bible Study and Recreation) Monday-July 19 from 6:30 to 9:30 p.m.

WOWBSAR is a free event for students who have completed sixth-12th grades.

Jeff N. Glenn, associate pastor for youth at Shirley Hills Baptist Church, said the event is a week of worship, fellowship and recreation for teenagers.

“It is sort of like camp, but we don’t go anywhere,” Glenn said. “We just want to invite any teen, any youth group to be a part of it. The more the merrier.”

The theme for WOWBSAR 2013 is “Not Home Yet” based on Philippians 3:20. Glenn said that the week was designed to share the gospel and to grow believers in Jesus Christ.

“If a young person can find their identity and their significance in Christ, then it will help them deal with the things that adolescents deal with,” Glenn said.

Morgan Woods, who will be entering the 11th grade at Warner Robins High School, has attended WOWBSAR every year since she was in sixth grade.

“It is really fun, and you learn a lot about God,” she said. Morgan said that one of the things that appealed to her about attending WOWBSAR was the fellowship with other Christians.

“You are with people that have like beliefs, and it helps you to better your relationship with God,” Woods said.

Katie Wilkerson, a rising 11th-grader at Veterans High School, also feels like she learns a lot from WOWSBAR. “It really renews your faith and has helped me become more intentional about what I believe,” she said.

Wilkerson said that youths who are interested in attending WOWSBAR shouldn’t be discouraged because they are not members of Shirley Hills Baptist.

“I love making new friends and meeting new people,” she said. “Our church is very welcoming, and we have all been new before.”

Austin Wolfe, a homeschooled senior, agreed.

“This is one of our church’s biggest events, and we all make friends very easily. It is a time to hang out, meet new people and learn about God,” Wolfe said.

Cody Deese will be the guest speaker at WOWBSAR, and the music will be provided by the Scott Kerlin Band. The evenings will be broken down into times of music, drama, small groups, recreation and food. The week will cap off with the “Famous Shaving Cream War.”

“That is when everyone brings shaving cream, and we go outside -- you have to take all your stuff because you can’t go back inside,” Morgan said. “It is a lot of fun, and you smell like shaving cream for the rest of the weekend.”

Separate but also being held during WOWBSAR week is a time for youth to do mission projects including volunteering at Macon Outreach, nursing homes and hosting morning camps.

Although the event is free, groups and individuals need to register online by going to Church groups can register students individually or send a list to T-shirts are available for $10.

For more information, go to Facebook page “Imprint Student Ministries -- Events” or you can also get information on Twitter:#WOWBSAR #WOWBSAR2013 and #NOTHOMEYET or contact Glenn at

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