AC Pup marvels at the circle of life

July 5, 2013 

Working in the rescue world, I see many things that make me smile and many things that make me cry. And it always seems when there’s something very sad that something great happens to make me feel happier than ever.

That’s kind of what happened with Annabelle.

Annabelle was a pregnant dog rescued from the shelter at the end of May with plans to go to Maine Lab Rescue and Miss Erlene LeBorgne. Miss Erlene has saved more than 650 dogs and cats from our area in just about a year, and she intended to save Annabelle and her puppies.

Annabelle was placed in a very tall kennel at the foster’s house in Macon. Unfortunately, Annabelle climbed the entire height of the kennel and escaped shortly after she got there.

We were all sad and worked like crazy to find Annabelle. She was spotted several times running across Zebulon Road in Macon not far from Polly’s Corner Café near the interstate. My Facebook friends were great to go out searching for her.

After about 10 days following her escape, it was clear she had delivered her puppies. But no one knew where.

There were several Annabelle sightings, and she was almost caught a time or two. But she would always elude those trying to save her.

And then on June 23, the worst possible thing that could happen to Annabelle actually occurred. She was attempting to cross Zebulon Road and was fatally struck by a car. Now there were newborn puppies in some unknown place that had just been orphaned.

Needless to say we were all heartbroken. We knew young puppies would not be able to survive long without their mom. So the search for puppies intensified.

Then on June 26, Mr. Chad Brown, manager of Polly’s, was outside his restaurant checking his roof when he heard a puppy crying.

He crawled under the building and found one puppy. He searched for others but didn’t hear them or see them.

It wasn’t until two days later that five other tiny puppies crawled from under the building all the way to the front of the restaurant. Mr. Chad gathered them up, too. We were ecstatic to learn that defying all odds, the puppies were alive.

Then Miss Libbie Walthall, who was on vacation, began to coordinate fosters for the puppies. From a distance, Miss Libbie recruited incredible foster parents including my mom, Tracie VanDeWalker; my Aunt Patti Jones; Halie White and Virginia Hall. They’ll be feeding and loving Annabelle’s babies until they’re ready to go to Maine.

It’s funny how life works. It comes full circle. Just when something terrible rips your heart out of your chest, a miracle happens to let you know that sadness is temporary and there’s always hope.

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