Music scene making small victories in Macon

Special to The TelegraphJuly 5, 2013 

“It is becoming harder and harder to write about music in Macon. It is so hard to find events in Middle Georgia. What’s going on?” -- Roger Riddle (via Facebook)

My response to this was, “Not enough cowbell” -- mainly because sarcasm keeps me from going on a long rant about the music/entertainment scene in Macon, which is basically what I’m about to do here.

Although I agree with Roger -- and my eventual point in this article took a tremendous amount of effort because being negative is easier than being positive -- it is evident we’re in a dry spot when it comes to new shows, bands, artists, etc. At the same time, there’s a decent amount of movement going on that isn’t getting much attention.

For example, hip-hop artist Jowin released his EP, “Jowin Actually Has Friends,” with the stand-out track “Please Save Mii.” Oh! Dorian has been popping back up on the scene releasing songs every weekend via her Soundcloud page.

New band Houston, which is comprised of four members who have played in more than 13 local bands at one point, debuted two weeks ago. African Americana’s new EP, “Halloween In July,” has been picking up steam.

I’m coming to the conclusion that we may need to alter our perspective on how our music scene works. Maybe we’re still looking for that next big thing to happen rather than taking the small victories one at a time? Grant’s Lounge has been picking up the slack of the other venues downtown and booking a very diverse show schedule. The Rookery has had a few shows pop up here and there as well.

On a different spectrum, local graphic designer Jason Frost, of Modern Giant Design, has been changing the design field for the better one poster at a time. (Have you seen the new Bragg Jam Festival poster?)

It’s time to look at different ways to highlight our scene.

We can’t be expected to have as much going on as Athens or Atlanta, considering we’re smaller, right? But the flip side to that is we put out more quality entertainment than some cities because we’re not cluttered with a gang of filler bands and material every other week.

While Macon is a great training ground, it’s also not extremely easy to just throw something out there and watch it stick. We could be right on the other side of another boom but are more worried about who’s going to make the national news again.

Let’s celebrate the small victories so that we can be ready for the next big one.

Floco Torres is an artist/songwriter. Contact him at

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