AC Pup wishes everyone a happy July Fourth

June 28, 2013 

It’s almost time to celebrate the Fourth of July! What a great holiday when we’ll commemorate Independence Day. I love the very thought of independence and freedom, and I’m so grateful for the heroes who fought to secure our freedom.

Most folks have the day off work in honor of this special holiday. Grills will be sizzling, water will be splashing and laughter will abound. Sounds like all my favorite things.

How will you be spending the day? I can tell you how I hope I won’t be spending the day. I hope I won’t be needed to look for pets that were terrified, escaped and lost during celebratory fireworks.

Although I’ve helped look for lost pets every year following holidays with fireworks, I’m hoping this year will be different. I’m dreaming for a Fourth of July (and Fifth) where everyone’s pets are at home safe and sound.

Every year before any holiday that traditionally involves fireworks, I remind parents of fur kids that pets are typically scared of loud noises such as fireworks, gunfire and thunder. They will do anything to run away from scary sounds that frighten them. That includes going over or under fences or chewing through doors and gates.

Scared pets have no limit to their creativity in figuring out how to escape when the noise begins. And once they’re free they run frantically without thinking about their surroundings, safety or how to find their way back home once the noise stops.

I hope this year everyone will help me pass the word before the Fourth of July to people who have pets to please, if at all possible, to bring them inside before the festivities begin. Even while they’re inside during fireworks, please be cautious when opening exterior doors because startled pets may be inclined to bolt.

If you’re not able to bring your pets inside, please try to have someone stay with them outside while fireworks are going off. This will help provide comfort and reassurance to them that they’re OK. It also will help supervise them if they try to run away.

And heaven forbid, if they actually do escape in a frenzy, please make sure they have on a collar with legible identification tags and are microchipped. Also, there are GPS collars that can track your pet’s location. One of the popular locator tags is actually called TAGG, in case you’re interested.

Please have fun and enjoy your holiday with your family. But please take every precaution to keep your beloved pet safe so you and I won’t have to spend the Fourth of July searching for a cherished family member that was spooked by fireworks.

Let’s plan on a great holiday! Happy Fourth of July!

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