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semerson@macon.comJune 25, 2013 

A few mid-summer house-keeping notes from the Classic City:

Seymour to JUCO

Offensive lineman DeVondre Seymour, a member of the 2013 signing class, will be going to Hines Community College in Mississippi, per multiple reports. The fact Seymour won't enroll at Georgia is no surprise; it was the prevailing assumption when he signed, and head coach Mark Richt said in May that was still expected to be the case. There was never a depth chart in the Georgia coaching room that had Seymour's name on it for 2013.

What is a bit interesting is Seymour taking the JUCO route, rather than prep school. Seymour could have spent one year at a prep school and retained four years of eligibility once he got to Georgia. Now Seymour is more likely to arrive in Athens for the 2015 season.

Seymour is the son of former Georgia and NFL star Richard Seymour.

So far, Seymour is the only member of the 33-member signing class who it is known will not qualify academically.

Bulldogs on watch lists

It's that time of the year: Various organizations releasing their so-called "watch lists" for their awards. Generally it's a silly endeavor, as it's not like someone not on the list can't emerge during the season. Still, it's a useful tool for looking at who's at least expected to be a standout in 2013, so why not pass it along.

Something called the College Football Performance Awards has released a watch list for its awards:

- Aaron Murray was one of 33 quarterbacks on the watch list.

- Arthur Lynch was one of 36 players on the tight end watch list.

- Todd Gurley and Keith Marshall are both on the list of 36 running backs. Gurley is also on the All-Purpose performer of the year list

- Junior Damian Swann is on the defensive back watch list.

There will be plenty more watch lists to come over the next weeks and months.

Baseball staffing

New head coach Scott Sticklin appears close to finishing up his assistant coaching staff. A few weeks ago he added hitting coach Scott Daeley, who came over with Stricklin from Kent State. But Stricklin was unable to lure his pitching coach, Mike Birkbeck, who not only turned down the chance to come to Georgia, but also turned down the chance to be head coach at Kent State. The Cleveland Plain-Dealer reported that Birkbeck, who just completed his 17th year at Kent State, accepted a five-year contract to remain in his current position.

Instead, it appears the pitching coach will be Fred Corral, who has served in that job at Memphis the past four years. Georgia hasn't announced anything yet, but Corral tweeted the news over the weekend. Prior to Memphis, he had two stints on the staff at Tennessee, so Corral knows the SEC.

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