AC Pup: Finding Pepper would heal a broken heart

June 21, 2013 

I often write about taking every precaution to make sure your fur kids are not lost. And if they do manage to get away, I want to make sure they have the best chance of finding their way back home.

I’m sure you remember the frequent reminders to keep a legible identification tag on your pet’s collar. Legible is a key term to notice because some folks have ID tags on their pets’ collars that no one can read. Either the information has worn off or it’s so scratched that important contact numbers can’t be deciphered. There are dogs and cats with old ID tags in shelters today because the information cannot be read.

Sometimes, though, even if you do everything right, a cherished pet may be lost. That’s exactly what happened to Miss Candi Barry and her baby, Pepper, on March 9.

Pepper is a 1-year old gray and brown brindle Shih Tzu. She was the light of Miss Candi’s life. Miss Candi actually referred to Pepper as “my joy.”

As loyal pets can do, Pepper helped Miss Candi through a very challenging time this past year. The love Pepper showed Miss Candi brought her so much reassurance, courage and strength. Miss Candi loved Pepper like a child.

Miss Candi took Pepper to an event on March 9 offering dog baths. So Pepper’s collar containing her ID tags was taken off in preparation for her bath. Unfortunately it was then that Pepper slipped away from the person poised to bathe her, and she was able to escape from the building as well.

So in the blink of an eye Miss Candi’s baby was running away with no collar or ID tags. She was so terrified that she ran from everyone trying to help her. That was three months ago, and not a day goes by that Miss Candi doesn’t worry about where she is.

Fliers have been posted in every possible neighborhood where Pepper might have traveled. A Facebook page to coordinate the search for Pepper was created and now has more than 500 friends. Targeted searches have been conducted.

Possible Pepper sightings have been reported around College Street, Washington Park and as far away as Rivoli Drive and Bass Road. Every sighting has been investigated.

There were repeated sightings in the Pleasant Hill area of Macon. But Miss Candi believes she met the dog that generated the reports of the sightings. He’s a gray Shih Tzu mix named Gabe.

We’re still searching for Pepper and would ask you to help us watch for her, too. If you know anything about Pepper or if a Good Samaritan has picked her up, please call (478) 365-1810.

Until then, we’ll still search and pray and hope. And I’ll pray a special prayer that Miss Candi’s broken heart will be comforted.

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