Macon-Middle Georgia tee times

dshirley@macon.comJune 21, 2013 

at Healy Point Country Club

8 a.m.: Allen Peake, Coleman Tidwell, Shawn Hodge

8:10 a.m.: Tyler Erickson, Zachary Zediker, Drew Hickman

8:20 a.m.: Michael Janssen, Hal Johnson, Stan Gann

8:30 a.m.: Jorda Evans, Ed Wolfe, Phil Pavoni

8:40 a.m.: Taylor Jernigan, Nick Kishigian, Lee Gerdes

8:50 a.m.: Phil Welch, Stephen Welch, Jonathon Wilkes

9 a.m.: Shannon Folsom, Steve Simmons, Stephen Amerson

9:10 a.m.: John Shaginaw, Tom Reid, Cater Pierce

9:20 a.m.: John Barfield, Thad Durkee, Dan Erickson

9:30 a.m.: Justin Elder, Mike Morgan, Alex Thigpin

9:40 a.m.: Ryan Emory, Adam Cochran, Todd Joseph

9:50 a.m.: George McCanless, Wade Turner, Dirac Barbee

10 a.m.: Rusty Hilburn, Keith Johnson, Benny Justice

10:10 a.m.: Scott Dorton, Conner Albright, Eddie Wilson

10:20 a.m.: Mark Reddick, Justin Pyron, Mark Schwab

10:30 a.m.: David Wynn, Richard McCann, Coleman Martin

10:40 a.m.: Ric Syme, Steve Veal, Sam Macfie

10:50 a.m.: Joe Starr, Ted Randall, David Potts

11 a.m.: Steve Chafin, Bill Martin, Kip Causey

11:10 a.m.: Brian Tharpe, Billy Foshee, Patrick O’Brien

11:20 a.m.: Jason Orenstein, Tee Spinks, Blake Jarvis

11:30 a.m.: Michael Bridges, Mark Carver, Jody Epps

11:40 a.m.: Tommy Alston, Will Davidson, Brandon Spainhour

11:50 a.m.: Chris Franquero, Ben Hobbs, Bart Geene

Noon: Michael Davis, Brandon West, Mark Minter

12:10 p.m.: Chris Robinson, Chris Black, Dewayne Moore

12:20 p.m.: Chuck Snipes, Joe Brown, Jeff Stanford

12:30 p.m.: Mark Leaptrot, Clay Balkcom, J.D. Sessums

12:40 p.m.: Ryan Williams, Chris Riley, Terry Barrett

12:50 p.m.: Greg Russ, Keli Smith, John McCall

1 p.m.: Travis Almand, Wes Feudner, Lee Higgins

1:10 p.m.: Al Greene, Mark Gay, Blake Westmoreland

1:20 p.m.: Michael Barrett, Scott Bowman, Johnny Page

1:30 p.m.: Lee Miller, Todd Hampton, Daryl Stevens

1:40 p.m.: Rex Bridges, Shawn Cannon, Jason Russ

1:50 p.m.: Ed Blythe, Randy Stainer, Tripp Justice

2 p.m.: Scott Field, Michael Lewis, Adam Riley

2:10 p.m.: John Potts, BJ Fischer, Wayne Johnson

2:20 p.m.: Bill Vowell, Warren Rowland, Paul Rajnish

2:30 p.m.: Richard Singleton, Dewayne Barfield, Wesley White

2:40 p.m.: Scott Bradshaw, Wade Williamson, Michael Linthicum

2:50 p.m.: Frank Jones, Charles Gossiaux, Keith Waugh

3 p.m.: Albert Riley, Ray Gassett, Carl Walden, Monty Mayhue

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