Breaking down the Yahoo Summer Fantasy Rankings

The most popular fantasy football platform could hurt the autodrafters

Macon TelegraphJune 18, 2013 

As Ranked By Yahoo Sports:


1. Aaron Rodgers 

2. Drew Brees (My No.1)

3. Cam Newton ? - The big guy closed out 2012 strong but he doesn't deserve to even be the top scrambling QB option let alone higher than Hall of Famers Brady and Manning

4. Tom Brady


Overrated by Yahoo:

15. Michael Vick - Will he survive past September?  Will he even beat out Nick Foles?

17. Phillip Rivers - his noodle arm is only getting worse while his O-Line and receivers are shotty.

27. Ryan Fitzpatrick - Not even a starter - how does he crack the top 32?


Underrated by Yahoo:

10. RG3 - at time of his November injury he was the top scoring player in fantasy BIG risk reward

16. Andy Dalton.  If you're going to be Stafford at 9 because of a great WR why not Dalton too?



1. Adrian Peterson

2. Arian Foster

3. Doug Martin ? - very high for a smaller guy on a bad team.  I don't hate Doug just not 3

4. C.J. Spiller ? - isn't Fred Jackson coming back

5. Jamaal Charles ? - too many injury concerns to be this high


Overrated by Yahoo:

28. Reshard Mendenhall - a mid late round pick could be better served than injury prone timeshare

32. Jonathan Stewart - see above

41. Shonne Greene - that's mighty high for a below average talent that won't see the field.  CJ2k!


Undderrated by Yahoo:

7. Ray Rice.  This guy has been in the top 3 for the last 2 or 3 years, why this low now?

10. Alfred Morris - he's a stud and will have a better career than Doug when it's all said and done

13. Steven Jackson - A bellcow bruiser on a top scoring offense.  Lock for 12-15 TDs

31. Andre Brown - might be the preffered starter over David Wilson and he's good value here

38. Johnathan Franklin - again could start over Eddie Lacey and plays on a high scoring offense


Wide Receivers

1. Calvin Johnson

2. A.J. Green

3. Dez Bryant

4. Brandon Marshall! - (He's my No.1)

5. Julio Jones


Overrated by Yahoo:

6. Larry Fitzgerald - I'm pumped about Carson Palmer too but the defenses in NFC West are real

19. Torrey Smith -Never was dependable last year.  Sure must step up without Anquan but can he?

22. Mike Wallace - don't be fooled by this great deep threat.  Big drop off from Ben to Tannehill

Brandon Lloyd and Malcom Floyd - one ain't playing and the other may not be the No.1 in town


Underrated by Yahoo:

23. James Jones - a TD monster who will get plenty of playing time with injury prone Nelson-Cobb

37. Josh Gordon - this huge athletic freak is a A.G. Green clone who just needs a QB


Tight Ends:

1. Jimmy Graham

2. Aaron Hernandez

3. Rob Gronkowski

4. Tony Gonzalez ? - my apologies Falcons fans.  Tony has no speed at all.  TD threat only

5. Jason Witten ! (My No.1 TE based on durability and production period)


Overrated by Yahoo:

9. Greg Olsen

16. Brandon Gresham

17. Brandon Pettigrew


Underrated by Yahoo:

11. Antonio Gates - He has caught at least 7 touchdowns in something like 3 or 4 consecutive years



1. Seattle

2. San Francisco

3. Chicago ? - Losing Lovie Smith, Brian Urlacher and Rod Marinelli will affect this unit

4. Houston



8. Arizona Cardinals - Arizona has a legit secondary and can stop the run but their offense will hurt them

15. San Diego - How in the hell?  This team has no secondary, limited pass rush and a crappy O

16. Tennessee - This team had some breakthru games on the last month but I'm not a believer

18. Atlanta - Sorry homers - No pass rusher and an explosive offense means lots of points surrended



12. Pittsburgh Steelers - sure this is a down year.  But they still have genius LeBeau and an easy slate

27. Dallas Cowboys - how can America's team be underrated?  Legendary Mote Kiffin returns

28. Detroit Lions - Suh and Fairley in the middle are stout and this young unit will surprise


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