Getting a few pet peeves off my chest

June 12, 2013 

Pet peeves. Come on, admit it: You have them too.

Pet peeves are only good when you can get them off your chest. Otherwise, all they do is add to your frustration.

I know this will excite you: Today, I am letting go of some of my pet peeves.

First, I have to say I cannot understand the logic of the Neanderthals who throw out their garbage along our roads. I assume they believe that our yards, highways and byways are their garbage cans. Perhaps they are only expressing their artistic views.

I know that my writing this is only preaching to the choir. Besides, I doubt that those creeps can read.

There seems to be no limit to their artistic expression: Cigarette butts, beer cans and bottles, soft drink cups and cans, combo meal bags complete with napkins and leftover sandwiches, diapers and condoms are just a few of their dumped expressions.

All in all, it makes me wonder whether the county has any regulation regarding these wondrous acts.

Another thing that gives me frost is the use of our streets as race tracks. A sign that reads “Speed limit 45 mph” appears to be difficult to understand. I think that many believe that as on an interstate highway the 45 is a minimum speed to be attained. Perhaps, we should modify the sign to read “Maximum speed limit 45 mph” I doubt it will do any good though. Some people are just too important or their time more precious than that of their fellow citizens.

I wonder whether the sheriff’s office or city traffic police officers are available to try to apprehend the speedsters on our roads. Since local governments seem always to be in need of citizens’ dollars, I would think that a good harvest of traffic fines might well serve our local elected officials and prevent another call for SPLOST.

Before I bore you to tears or worse, I have only two other complaints to get off my chest. Why is it that, so often, people who own small pets don’t protect them from traffic by keeping them in a fenced yard or supervising them when outside? I have seen all the carnage of dogs and cats on our roads that I care to see. Love the little critters and keep them safe. Please.

Finally, can you join me in hating people who write expressing their opinion of how you should live or act? As a matter of fact, writing this column has me ticked at myself. I mean, do I think I am just another politician who firmly believes there is no other way but their way? Heck, let us face facts: They know we are too stupid to live our lives the right way, and they are only trying to give us a helping hand. In return, all we have to do is open our wallets or purses and give them all they demand. As Bill Clinton once said, “I’d give you a tax break if I thought you’d spend it the right way.” What a deal!

David Wittenberg resides in Kathleen. Contact him at

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