Byron limits firing guns within city

Telegraph correspondentJune 11, 2013 

BYRON -- City Council has passed an ordinance concerning the discharge of firearms within city limits.

Mayor Larry Collins said Tuesday the ordinance is the city’s first attempt at regulating the discharge of firearms. He said the city previously relied on statewide regulations.

The ordinance makes it illegal for any person to discharge a firearm unless it is in the defense of a person, habitation or other property and then only when such defense constitutes legal justification under state law.

The measure also allows discharge by an officer in his official capacity, people engaged in military duties, and people at a licensed indoor commercial or municipal shooting range.

It also allows the discharge of a firearm with permission of the mayor.

The ordinance also makes it unlawful to discharge a BB or pellet gun from or into public property and the property of another person. A BB or pellet gun may be discharged on another’s property only with their permission.

City Clerk Telina Allred said council unanimously passed the ordinance at its meeting Monday.

Also Monday, Collins said a group of residents from the Toomerville neighborhood asked council for information regarding a U.S. Department of Agriculture rural housing assistance grant that may be made available to the city.

Collins said the city had not received full information about the grant or decided which city authority would make application for or administer the grant once full information is obtained. He said the group would be made aware of information about the program and any public hearing involved in seeking such grant money.

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