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June 7, 2013 

Summertime is so much fun. It’s time to relax and rejuvenate. It’s also a terrific time to go on vacation with family, including beloved pets.

Vacation is a wonderful summer tradition. It’s the time of year families gather to explore new places or return to favorite spots.

Did you ever think about including your pet on your vacation? Some folks wouldn’t consider the family complete unless the pet went along for vacation, too. If that’s something you’re thinking about this summer, there are several things to do to make the trip enjoyable and safe.

Safety for the pet is a key component. Nothing can ruin a much-anticipated trip than to have some disaster happen to your cherished pet.

So the first thing to do is to make sure the dog is healthy enough to travel. Let the doctor check him over. While he’s at the vet, have him microchipped with your current address listed on the records.

Then make sure he is wearing a non-slip collar with your name and telephone number embroidered in the material and put ID tags on. Non-slip collars should always be used whenever taking dogs outside of their routine environment.

Why should the collar be a non-slip rather than the usual collar he wears at home? If a dog is startled and has on a regular collar, chances are he can back out of the collar in the blink of an eye and escape. You could end up holding an empty leash with your beloved pet nowhere in sight.

Non-slip collars are designed to tighten if the dog tries to back out of it. They tend to be very secure and almost escape-proof if used properly.

If you opt not to use a non-slip collar, please consider using a tight-fitting harness. Try out the harness on your dog at home to make sure he can’t wiggle out of it before taking him on the big trip.

Keep your pet in a carrier while driving to your destination. But here’s a very important caution to please heed: Keep the carrier inside the car and your pet in clear view. It’s crucial that you watch your pet while he’s in the carrier for signs of distress and to make sure his collar/tags aren’t hung on the grates of the carrier.

Two other important tips to follow: Never, ever leave your pet in a parked car and never leave him tied outside unattended. Even though you may think no one else could possibly want your pet if you tethered him outside a restaurant, you may be surprised to learn dognappers exist.

Plan your trip around pet-friendly locations. A great website to use is

Have fun and stay safe!

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