Closing schools is always resisted by parents

June 7, 2013 

Change is similar to moving a well-rooted plant. It’s tough. The plant doesn’t give up its roots deep in the earth easily. If not handled properly, the plant could wither and die at its new location.

The Bibb County School System ran into an expected buzz saw. It wanted to split Jones Elementary and take its third through fifth-graders and send them across Shurling Drive to King-Danforth while leaving pre-kindergarten and second-graders at Jones.

The system said the move would have saved $345,046, but the community surrounding Jones was against the move as they should have been.

Jones is the epitome of a neighborhood school. Most of the students walk to the school located north of Shurling Drive.

The community questioned how splitting the school population, while continuing to operate two facilities, would save money.

After the school board decision Thursday, the board has to figure out how to save money wihtout merging or closing schools. The known reaction by any community is the main reason the school board failed to implement part of the Macon Miracle plan that called for school closures.

Now, instead of an orderly transition, the board has to act under the gun with little time to consider options.

It has to approve a budget before the end of the month.

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