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semerson@macon.comJune 2, 2013 

ATHENS - Greetings, everyone. Well, summer is underway, and hopefully you have big plans for a vacation, camp, or in my case, continuing to take care of your newborn baby. In other words, my next vacation getaway will be in late August to a place called Clemson.

But of course, there is work to do before then. I'm checking in from the home office here, where things are running very smoothly, and ... Hold on.

(Interlude music.)

Sorry about that, had to deal with a screaming baby. Seems that when you put on a new diaper, it doesn't necessarily mean that you're good for awhile. Well, anyway. So I just felt it was a good time to check in and update everyone on what ....

Geez. Sorry, hold on again.

(More interlude music.)

I've learned a lot about babies over the past few weeks, including innovative ways to calm them down: Running a Dustbuster, singing them Nelly's "Hot In Here," and taking the dog for extra long walks so the wife can just deal with it. (It's very important that you not forsake the dog. I've come to strongly believe that.)

But you can also not forsake work, because something has to pay for all these diapers, these mountains of diapers, so I just wanted to update everyone on what is ...

Really? Come on.

(Educational interlude music.)

All right. My wife has promised me I have a couple minutes, so let's make this fast. Since my son was born on May 15, I've been on some unofficial paternity leave, occasionally working during one of those baby power naps. But this coming week I'll be completely off the grid. When I get back there will be mailbags, another countdown series, and torrents of tweets. In the meantime, a few notes:


Georgia is likely to name a new baseball coach this week, and all signs point to it being Scott Stricklin of Kent State. I won't be able to cover any announcement or press conference, but someone from the home office will be in Athens for it, so check back here for any news or updates.

Stricklin guided Kent State to the College World Series last year, and knows the state of Georgia well, having served as recruiting coordinator at Georgia Tech in the early 2000s. He certainly seems a solid hire from that standpoint.

It's a mild surprise that Georgia is (presumably) making a hire this quickly, because of the timing of the NCAA tournament. But Kent State didn't make the NCAAs this year, so he was available, and apparently Greg McGarity decided that was his man, and there was no use waiting for the regionals or super-regionals to finish up.


The SEC should release a 2014 football schedule eventually, but at this point it's anyone's guess when that will happen. It was on the docket for Destin, but didn't end up happening last week. All that was confirmed was what was a foregone conclusion: It will be an eight-team schedule with a 6-1-1 format, so for Georgia the big question is who will be the second opponent, after Auburn, out of the West.

The scuttlebutt around the SEC is that it will be Alabama, and that Georgia will play in Tuscaloosa. Remember, that was the match-up originally scheduled for the 2012 season, before expansion necessitated a new schedule. So it's only natural that the conference would return to that match-up. Plus, events of last December make that a potential marquee game for CBS, ESPN or the new SEC Network.


Georgia head coach Mark Fox still has an opening on his staff. A team spokesman said this week that there was no news to report yet. Some coaches in the industry believe that the odds-on candidate is Jonas Hayes, the former Georgia player who is currently serving as operations coordinator.

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