Top Fantasy Football Wide Receivers

It's the golden age of pass catchers - rack up the points with these guys

Macon TelegraphMay 29, 2013 

1. Brandon Marshall - Chicago Bears

     Marshall was amazing in his first year as a Bear.  118 catches and well over 1500 yards and little to no threat from any other part of the field.  He produced from a Points Per Reception outlook as well as in the endzone (something everyone's No.1 Megatron could not claim)  His history with Cutler gives them a synergy that most QB-WR connections miss on.  Ultimately I think he's safer injurywise than Calvin and that's why he deserves the top slot

2. Calvin Johnson - Detroit Lions

     I'm a closet Lions fan so it's the tough fantasy pill to swallow to not rank guys from your team higher than they should be.  Calvin Johnson unseated Andre Johnson a year or two ago as the best fantasy wideout in many folks' eyes and he'll likely stay there on most draft pre ranking data.  A report came out that he played most of last year with broken fingers.  Perhaps that's the excuse that'll have you overlooking his paltry touchdown total.  But he bested the Madden Curse, set an NFL record for receiving yardage and still the Lions bizarely overlooked drafting a guy on the other side of the field.  He remains THE Megatron.  

3. Dez Bryant - Dallas Cowboys

     Speaking of broken fingers, Dez looked like he could be shut down in early December because of a hand ailment and in a wierd Disney esque twist he seemed to only be better.  With the ball in his hands he runs mad with stiff arms and physicality that makes him the biggest every touch HOUSE threat on this list.  He is a clear No.3 but like most premier No.1's: is a diva and subject to the suspensions, penalties and other such to interfere with his game.  But man what a talent

4. A.J. Green - Cincinnati Bengals

     A.J. is the opposite of Dez at least in terms of personality.  He is humble, hardworking and has been a consistent producer catching 9 touchdowns in the first 10 games.  And unlike Detroit, the Bengals draft a weapon in the passing game near every draft and thus spread the wealth.  Green is the best deepball wideout in the game due to breaking speed and elite hands.  If he snakes back to you at the beginning of round 3 you have to feel great about that.

5. Julio Jones - Atlanta Falcons

     The Falcons front office look as brilliant as can be giving up the house for Jones in the first round.  He is a gamebreaker and a redzone monster.  Roddy is slowly deteriorating and Julio's focus will grow in targets and dependability.  He should stay in the fantasy top 5 for wide receivers for a decade's time as long as he's kept in Hotlanta with the Ice.  Don't underestimate the value of Tony Gonzalez returning this year for his value.

6. DeMaryius Thomas - Denver Broncos

    Those that think that either Wes Welker is now the No.1 option in Denver OR that he will someone eat into Bay-bays targets don't observe how the Broncos offense uses DeMaryius.  Wes Welker stretches the field horizontally, essentially taking the job of last year's Brandon Stokley (albeit at a much higher level).  DeMaryius is the big play downfield option and hopefully Peyton was able to silence the critics about his arm strength last year.

7. Roddy White - Atlanta Falcons

     So I talk all that smack in slot no.5 and here is Roddy White.  I still like him folks.  Plus the pressure is off with three elite targets over the field and a punishing runner in the backfield for the Falcons White can simply do what he does best.  Be a reliable third down outlet and a chain moving beast.  I think his touchdowns will go down from last year but he still is good for a hundred yards a game.

8. Percy Harvin - Minnesota Vikings

     Percy Harvin's injury last December sounded much worse than many people are talking about.  I'm wary of having him this high, but I love the gadget and trick plays in the Seattle offense and his game changing ability as a runner and returner give him a plus that many receivers lack.  If he is at full health I think Carroll and company will utilize him in fun and imaginative ways.

9. Victor Cruz - New York Giants

     Victor Cruz's only threat at this point is getting on the field.  His contract dispute is the biggest one in the NFL headlines right now and could get Revis ugly late into the preseason.  But there's a reason everyone knows Cruz as the salsa dancer: he scores at will and plentiful.  It's funny recalling this guy that used to make preseason explosive plays and then get cut early in his career.  He may have the best hands in the top ten purely from a catching standpoint.

10. Andre Johnson - Houston Texans

     A year fully healthy for Andre Johnson was pretty surprising and a welcome change.  The former No.1 fantasy wideout for at least 5 years has slide a little, but don't be foolish enough to let him plummett.  He still is a big weapon and near impossible to cover even if he has lost a step or two.  Expect him to play his familiar play action role in the Houston offense good for at least 1 30 yard catch a game.  A nice plus if your league offers bonuses for those kinds of plays.

The Next 10

11. Vincent Jackson

12. Larry Fitzgerald

13. Randall Cobb

14. Marquis Colston

15. Jordy Nelson

16. Reggie Wayne

17. Wes Welker

18. Hakeem Nicks

19. Danny Amendola

20. Eric Decker

Good Players on Bad Teams means yardage chunks!

Dwayne Bowe

Mike Wallace

Danario Alexander

Stevie Johnson


If they can stay healthy for 16 games expect a much bigger year

 Pierre Garcon

Antonio Brown

Cecil Shorts

Miles Austin


Don't reach for these guys - they need to be dropped on your ranks

Steve Smith

DeSean Jackson

Tavon Austin

Greg Jennings


The best No.2 or No.3 options available

James Jones

T.Y. Hilton

Jeremy Maclin

Mike Williams


Worth a late round pick when the players are going fast

Josh Gordon

Anquan Boldin

Justin Blackmon (even with his suspension)

DeAndre Hopkins


Super Sleepers for really deep leagues

Chris Givens

Alshon Jeffrey

Santonio Holmes

Kendall Wright

Vincent Brown


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