Playoffs determine final standings for WRALL baseball

awoolen@macon.comMay 29, 2013 

WARNER ROBINS -- The official tournament season may not have started yet, but at Warner Robins American Little League, the ante was upped a bit from regular-season games.

For about a week and a half, the baseball teams from C-ball to major competed in playoff games to determine their final standings.

The is the second year WRALL has had the tournament, said Kris Gibson, board member and equipment officer for softball.

For the major league West, the winner was the Cardinals, managed by Brad King. In the East it was the Marlins, managed by Andy Smith.

In the minor leagues, the East champion was the Brewers, managed by Steve King and the Dodgers for the West, managed by Shaun Hicks.

King’s team went undefeated in the tournament and was 16-1 for the entire season.

“We were so strong defensively,” he said.

The Brewers only gave up 36 runs in the 17 games they played.

King’s favorite moment came in the championship game. He had been working with Santana Willis on his hitting the entire season, and on his last at-bat, Santana hit a ball that went to the fence and gave him a triple, scoring two runs.

“We’ve been waiting all year for that,” King said.

In AAA, the champions were the Tigers for the West and the Royals for the East.

For C-ball, the champions were the Tigers for the West and Braves for the East.

In the rookie league, the Yankees took the title.

Gibson said the tournament uses a point system to determine the order of placement for the final standings.

“The board elects the all-star coaches, which in many cases is the league champion,” he said.

The managers, coaches and players for All Stars will be announced June 15.

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