Top Fantasy Football Quarterbacks

The top signalcallers ranked

Macon TelegraphMay 27, 2013 

1. Drew Brees - New Orleans Saints

     The last time we saw Drew Brees in a true Sean Payton offense he was ho hum setting an NFL yardage record for passing.  He returns with a deeper cast at runningback and some new younger faces at tight end and receiver.  Throw in a Darren Sproles and the additions of mastermind Payton and Sproles is enough to pass the next three signal callers.

2. Tom Brady - New England Patriots

     Don't blow the loss of Wes Welker out of proportion.  Julian Edelman has essentially played the same position and Bellichick very unusually drafted two high receivers, spent the big bucks for another Texas Tech slot guy and stockpiled the tight end positon.  Plus let's not forget that for most of his career he was throwing to the Deion Branch / Troy Brown and David Patten nobodys of the world.  BRady makes stars, he isn't subject to those around him.

3. Aaron Rodgers - Green Bay Packers

     Aaron Rodgers loses Greg Jennings for good but honestly most of last year he was without his former No.1.  Jordy Nelson, if healthy, can be a big bodied replacement if not as skilled a route runner.  Randall Cobb will be the dangerous Percy Harvin type threat and James Jones is quietly deadly in the redzone.  I do like the pure passers at the top you'll notice in my rankings because they're subject to less hits.  Aaron though gets a good number of rushing touchdowns and is remarkably durable - somebody knock on some wood!  How many MVPs does Rodgers need before he's the most memorable QB from title town.  I say two more to unseat the holy Favre.   

4. Peyton Manning - Denver Broncos

     In my Yahoo Commissioned league, Peyton fell into my lap and it really scared me.  I was one of the naysayers that said he wouldn't make it through a 16 game season after missing an entire season with a strange neck ailment.  But he returned in fashion and sharp as ever with his characteristic audible heavy O.  He just got a shiny new weapon in deadly Wes Welker who stretches the field horizontally and opens things up for the deep game.

5. Cam Newton - Carolina Panthers

     The first of the scrambling QBs in my book is the most seasoned.  Cam Newton was due for a sophomore slump but look at the second half of the season.  He was turning the corner.  Plus he looked more dangerous than ever on the ground - especially in both games against Atlanta.  The Panthers didn't really add anything to the table in the receiver department but he's a young star that will shine regardless.

6. Matt Ryan - Atlanta Falcons

    Look for Matty Ice to join the exclusive 100 mill club soon and he deserves it.  The Falcons have never had a losing season with him at the helm and Julio Jones seems to keep getting better as Roddy White quietly doesn't show the age of a 30+ year old receiver.  Tony Gonzalez's return will bode the best for an offense the craves the work he does in shallow field and over the middle.  Expect a 30+ TD 4000+ yard year.

7. Robert Griffin - Washington Redskins

    I know I have RG3 higher than most preseason fantasy sites.  It wasn't lost on me that he and not Andrew Luck won the rookie of the year honors.  He may be a little bit more careful in the pocket now and while he is the most injury prone of the scramblers, he also is the most accurate and the biggest gamer with it all on the line.  His receiving corp is deep and primed for a big year.

8. Russell Wilson - Seattle Seahawks

     The Seahawks are going to win a ton of games this year.  That much isn't a secret.  And no longer is this QB who was drafted in a miniscule amount of leagues last August.  But Russell Wilson is the real deal and he proved his height is no big deal as he was a dangerous scrambler and Favre like accurate out of the pocket.  I think he's a safe shot to be successful on a winning team again this year.

9. Colin Kaepernick - San Francisco 49ers

     I expect a sophomore slump for Kaep in his first year as a starter for the 49ers.  He's a long strider and dangerous as a runner but losing Crabtree hurts and I think of all the three he's asked the smallest of and therefore might just simply be the game manager that the league's best defense needs.  He might very well run for as many touchdowns as he passes.

10. Tony Romo - Dallas Cowboys

     Good for Romo getting a big contract in the offseason.  He's the star saviour that the fanbase hates to love and loves to hate.  He'll look MVP worthy in one game and then throw 4 picks in the next game.  He's as much like his idol (Brett Favre) as one might hope to compare.  That being said he stayed healthy last year and with his new money might play up to competition level that his strong division demands.  Expect plenty of shootouts and Dez Bryant has the potential to breakout as the best wideout in football this year.

The Next Five

11. Matthew Stafford

12. Ben Roethlisberger

13. Andrew Luck

14. Eli Manning

15. Andy Dalton


These vets are hard to trust

Jay Cutler

Michael Vick

Phillip Rivers


These guys could very well be benched by December

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Pick these guys up around Round 10 and get solid production

Carson Palmer

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Why on earth would you draft these starters?  Don't fall privy to fandom

Blaine Gabbert

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Mark Sanchez

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