GBI helps search for possible human remains in Danville

lfabian@macon.comMay 24, 2013 

Allegations from a hospitalized assault victim led Wilkinson County authorities to search for possible human remains and other evidence in Danville for much of the day Friday.

Sheriff Richard Chatman said he called in forensic experts from the GBI after the 25-year-old woman claimed she was tied up, held against her will, sexually assaulted and had a baby, but does not know what happened to the child.

“We’re not sure what we have,” said Chatman, who said he was grateful to have the assistance of some of the finest crime technicians in the state to determine if other crimes had been committed at a trailer on Third Street.

The sheriff said he could not discuss the victim’s medical condition, but that she was malnourished when she arrived at the hospital by a personal vehicle weeks ago.

They have been continually interviewing her as she recovers.

“We’re retracing everything she told us,” Chatman said. “We’re just covering our bases.”

Based on the woman’s condition, Janice Davis, who lived at the property that was searched, was charged with simple battery in the case and remains in jail, Chatman said.

Nearby neighbors were concerned about the crime scene van and dark sport utility vehicles parked on the property most of the day.

They said they watched as technicians appeared to be sifting ashes in the backyard and searching inside the trailer, but investigators would not tell them what was going on.

Phone lines were not working at the law enforcement center, possibly due to a lightning strike, Chatman said.

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