AC Pup says to never give up search for lost pets

May 17, 2013 

There are so many terrific people who work behind the scenes helping lost, hungry and homeless animals. Their incredible work goes unrecognized by the public. But they’re heroes to the animals.

Miss Sherri Peavy is one of those unsung heroes. She volunteers with rescue groups to help pets in shelters. She fosters numerous cats and dogs waiting for great homes. She’s helped a ton of feral cats that congregate near her Warner Robins office.

One such dark calico kitty with a faded collar caught her eye about five months ago, although the kitty was having no part of being touched or even coming close to humans. Still, she fed this scared kitty, and over the course of time she tried to gain her trust. Finally, Miss Sherri was able to pick her up.

It was then Miss Sherri saw the faded collar contained identification information. In fact, it even had a phone number.

Miss Sherri immediately called the number, and a sweet lady named Miss Kelly Thompson answered. Miss Sherri explained she had her cat.

Miss Kelly’s first reaction was she didn’t have a cat. That is, until Miss Sherri began describing the kitty. Miss Kelly couldn’t believe what she was hearing because her cat, Misty, went missing July 2012 and this was May 2013.

Miss Kelly and her husband, Terry, were moving from Warner Robins to Griffin last summer. They wanted Misty to be spared the chaos of boxes and moving vans so they asked Miss Kelly’s dad, who lived near Centerville, to baby-sit Misty for a few days. Much to everyone’s dismay, Misty disappeared and despite posting fliers and conducting searches, Misty was never seen again.

Miss Kelly was still skeptical the cat Miss Sherri had was Misty. But she knew that as soon as she was in the room with her she would know if it was Misty. That’s because Miss Kelly and Misty had a special routine. She’d rub Misty’s head and scratch behind her ears, and Misty would drool excessively.

The moment of truth came when Miss Kelly arrived at Miss Sherri’s. She went inside and saw a cat that looked like Misty, but she needed to confirm her identity.

She rubbed the cat’s head and scratched behind her ears, and all the drool stored up for the past 10 months came gushing forth. All doubt about her identity had been removed. It was definitely Misty.

This true story has at least two morals.

First, we should try to be more like Miss Sherri by taking care of animals in need even if they won’t let us touch them. You never know the struggles they’ve had.

And second, if you’re missing a pet, never stop looking for them. Ever.

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