500 days of Summer

Posted by Jason Hawk on May 16, 2013 

Fantasy Football Obsession returning soon to a computer or smartphone near you

     Hello Fantasy Fanatics!  Just wanted to say that I did not die around January, just my fantasy teams.  I played in a total of 11 leagues last year.  How did your fantasy 'expert' do? 

Won 3 leagues

got 2 runner ups

got 2 Bronze trophies

 a 4th

 2 5th places

and an embarassing 9th place finish in a league of 12.

    I liken Fantasy Football to poker, you can't truly ever rule out the luck aspect.  While I can blame luck for having me lose - I have to accredit it to helping me win a few as well.  In over 60% of my leagues I was taking home a trophy.  I set depth charts in February and March and watch the 7th rounds of the NFL Draft - I'm here because  want to be.

    But the reason the game is fun is winning.  Whether that means winning a pot of grab cash for you gamblers or the glory of victory - the more you know the more likely you can reduce the impact of luck.  Draft smart.  Manage your team every week.  Set a smart lineup.  Win because you know more than everybody else.  Because if you are a casual fan and like to draft and never switch out bye week players, please: join my league - because you are sheep.  Or better yet don't because competition is what makes the best leagues memorable. 

   I'm firing up the engines for a summer's worth of fantasy postings.  If you're game for the ride buckle in.  Let's do this!  For our first real post I'll reveal the first batch of Fantasy Rankings for early summer - Runningbacks next week! 

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