Betty Sweet: a true Southern lady

May 10, 2013 

The Middle Georgia community lost a bright shining star Tuesday. Betty Sweet Smith Simmons may have been laid to rest, but her enduring spirit will live on in those who knew her. While some thought “Sweet” was a nickname, it was not. It was her father’s middle name and it described everything about her. We would quickly run out of space if we were to list all of the community groups and organizations she helped support, but that wasn’t what made Betty Sweet special. She honored those groups and organizations with her presence. Her band of friends would show up at some of the most unusual places -- from a Grateful Dead concert to the Macon Symphony. She left her mark all over Macon. Her long-time pastor, Dr. Bill Hurdle said Betty Sweet was “possessed by eternal goodness.” She had a curious mind and a special kind of wonderment of life that didn’t slow down as she aged. Betty Sweet showed this community how to live life well. She gave far more than she received and she will be truly missed.

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