Witnesses help foil robbery, detain suspect

Staff reportMay 7, 2013 

A 66-year-old man was filling a prescription at the Chichesters on Hartley Bridge Road when another man tried to snatch his pills from him.

Several witnesses grabbed the suspect, called 911 and held him until Bibb County sheriff’s deputies arrived, according to an incident report.

The first deputy to arrive on the scene was alerted that a car he had just driven past was involved in the Thursday incident. The deputy pulled over the car and asked the driver, who was crying, what had happened at Chichesters.

The woman, Ashley Parham, responded that her boyfriend, Brandon Ray Rozar, snatched an “old man’s medicine,” the report stated.

A store security guard told the deputy that Rozar was outside of the store on a cellphone talking to Parham, who was inside. When the victim walked out of the store, the guard saw Rozar grab the man’s bag, which contained 120 Oxycodone pills, according to the report.

One of the witnesses was working out nearby at Kinetix gym when he saw a lot of people in the gym looking out of the window. He then noticed several people fighting outside of Chichesters. He ran out of the gym to help the victim, the report stated.

Rozar continued fighting until another man from the gym came out and helped hold the suspect down until units arrived. One of the witnesses pulled a large knife from Rozar’s back pocket.

Parham tried to pull the witnesses off of Rozar. She then got in her car and pulled up to the crowd and yelled out the window, “Brandon, what do I do?” the report stated. After getting no response, she drove off before being taken back to the scene by the deputy.

When units arrived, Rozar was bleeding from both knuckles, had scrapes on his arms and a large knot forming under his eye.

He and Parham were both arrested and charged with robbery by sudden snatching.

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