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mstucka@macon.comMay 7, 2013 

On Tuesday, Georgia released the first results from its College & Career Ready Performance Index. The very first results for Middle Georgia schools are shown here.

The score is a composite of several values:

  • Achievement, for up to 70 points
  • Progress, for up to 15 points
  • Achievement gap, for up to 15 points
  • Challenge points, for up to 10 points through two categories. Points may be awarded for schools that "exceed the bar" by pushing students to exceed expectations and participate in college and career ready programs. Schools may also get challenge points for getting a significant number of students to meet expectations from the ranks of economically disadvantaged students, English Learner students and students with disabilities.

(of 70)
(of 15)
ment Gap (of 15)
(max 10)
Total Score
(to 100, plus Challenge)

All Georgia elementary schools
All Georgia high schools50.29.812.20.472.6
All Georgia middle schools57.79.911.32.581.4
Baldwin County elementary schools51.69.610.52.774.4
Baldwin County high schools43.
Baldwin County middle schools53.39.512.03.278.0
Baldwin High School43.
Blandy Hills Elementary School51.
Creekside Elementary School52.
Eagle Ridge Elementary School51.810.914.33.680.6
Midway Elementary School46.410.07.51.565.4
Oak Hill MS53.39.512.03.778.5

Bibb County elementary schools
Bibb County high schools38.
Bibb County middle schools48.
Alexander II Magnet School66.210.515.04.696.3
Appling Middle School44.
Ballard Hudson Middle School45.610.06.00.562.1
Barden Elementary School44.
Bernd Elementary School55.610.212.85.684.2
Bloomfield Middle School38.
Brookdale Elementary School35.
Bruce Elementary33.
Burdell Elementary School49.
Burghard Elementary School32.
Carter Elementary School56.910.312.03.382.5
Central High School42.
Hartley Elementary School36.
Heard Elementary School56.08.812.02.579.3
Heritage Elementary School54.710.09.04.878.5
Howard High School46.
Howard Middle School55.
Ingram/Pye Elementary School39.
Jones Elementary School41.610.812.00.564.9
King - Danforth Elementary School37.
Lane Elementary School57.18.910.57.383.8
Macon Behavioral Health SystemNANANANANA
Macon Behavioral Health SystemNANANANANA
Macon Behavioral Health SystemNANANANANA
Miller Magnet Middle School52.
Morgan Elementary School47.
Northeast High School35.
Porter Elementary School53.89.911.32.177.1
Price Educational CenterNANANANANA
Price Educational CenterNANANANANA
Rice Elementary School44.
Riley Elementary School30.
Rosa Taylor Elementary School50.29.310.52.572.5
Rutland High School43.
Rutland Middle School47.
Skyview Elementary School60.
Southwest High School29.
Springdale Elementary School65.
Union Elementary School39.
Vineville Academy60.29.514.35.089.0
Weaver Middle School46.
Westside High35.
William S. Hutchings Career Center42.59.311.32.265.3
Williams Elementary School34.

Bleckley County elementary schools
Bleckley County high schools52.79.411.31.374.7
Bleckley County middle schools60.39.313.55.088.1
Bleckley County Elementary School62.610.915.06.895.3
Bleckley County High School52.79.411.31.875.2
Bleckley County Primary School66.8NANA0.095.4
Bleckley Middle School60.59.313.55.088.3
Middle Georgia Wilderness Institute DJJ Facility NANANANANA
Middle Georgia Wilderness Institute DJJ Facility NANANANANA

Crawford County elementary schools
Crawford County high schools40.
Crawford County middle schools56.710.114.33.484.5
Crawford County Elementary School53.
Crawford County High School40.
Crawford County Middle School56.710.114.33.484.5

Dublin City elementary schools
Dublin City high schools43.19.412.20.365.0
Dublin City middle schools51.410.711.30.073.4
Community Hope CenterNANANANANA
Community Hope CenterNANANANANA
Dublin High SChool44.59.611.30.465.8
Dublin Middle School52.410.711.30.074.4
Hillcrest Elementary School46.29.312.00.568.0
Moore Street SchoolNANANANANA
Moore Street SchoolNANANANANA
Saxon Heights Elementary School45.
Susie Dasher Elementary44.

Houston County elementary schools
Houston County high schools53.49.512.20.475.5
Houston County middle schools61.
Bonaire Elementary School66.
Bonaire Middle School64.410.514.33.792.9
Centerville Elementary School61.412.513.57.895.2
David A. Perdue Primary 67.2NANA0.596.5
Eagle Springs Elementary63.210.613.56.693.9
Elberta Open Campus High School24.
Feagin Mill Middle School65.310.414.34.394.3
Hilltop Elementary School61.610.212.84.388.9
Houston County Career Academy46.58.8NA0.065.1
Houston County High School59.49.715.01.385.4
Huntington Middle School60.910.514.36.291.9
Kings Chapel Elementary School62.28.813.56.591.0
Lake Joy Elementary School66.210.315.04.495.9
Lake Joy Primary School68.7NANA1.099.1
Lindsey Elementary School48.
Linwood Elementary School63.011.812.87.595.1
Matthew Arthur Elementary School61.49.515.05.191.0
Miller Elementary School56.
Morningside Elementary School57.99.711.37.186.0
Mossy Creek Middle School64.110.615.03.893.5
Northside Elementary School60.411.
Northside High School49.39.710.30.469.7
Northside Middle School57.59.310.55.883.1
Parkwood Elementary School55.810.211.37.684.9
Pearl Stephens Elementary School50.97.611.39.078.8
Perdue Elementary School62.310.313.55.091.1
Perry High School53.99.913.10.977.8
Perry Middle School58.510.
Perry Primary School68.4NANA1.098.7
Quail Run Elementary School66.512.415.05.299.1
Russell Elementary School56.
Shirley Hills Elementary School62.410.
Thomson Middle School58.
Tucker Elementary School56.510.09.03.579.0
Veterans High School59.910.414.10.985.3
Warner Robins High School50.
Warner Robins Middle School60.710.112.06.389.1
Westside Elementary School55.310.

Jones County elementary schools
Jones County high schools48.
Jones County middle schools57.29.611.33.781.8
Clifton Ridge Middle School57.49.611.36.584.8
Dames Ferry Elementary School61.
Gray Elementary School59.39.411.36.286.2
Gray Station Middle School58.49.612.04.184.1
Jones County High School47.
Maggie Califf Learning Complex50.
Mattie Wells Elementary School51.610.07.52.471.5
Turner Woods Elementary School59.111.311.35.787.4

Laurens County elementary schools
Laurens County high schools49.
Laurens County middle schools53.
East Laurens Elementary School57.
East Laurens High School43.99.314.12.469.7
East Laurens Middle School48.
East Laurens Primary School66.1NANA0.594.9
Northwest Laurens Elementary62.
Southwest Laurens Elementary55.38.711.36.081.3
West Laurens High School52.
West Laurens Middle School55.610.111.33.480.4

Monroe County elementary schools
Monroe County high schools52.59.914.10.777.2
Monroe County middle schools61.310.211.34.887.6
Banks Stephens Middle School62.810.212.05.590.5
Katherine B. Sutton Elementary School58.79.311.36.285.5
Mary Persons High School52.79.914.11.678.3
Samuel E. Hubbard Elementary School57.88.910.56.984.1
T.G. Scott Elementary School62.48.714.35.691.0
William M. Hubbard Middle School59.510.

Peach County elementary schools
Peach County high schools43.37.913.11.165.4
Peach County middle schools52.
Byron Elementary School54.
Byron Middle School57.99.310.51.178.8
Fort Valley Middle School49.
Hunt Elementary School43.
Kay Road Elementary50.
Peach County High School43.67.913.11.666.2

Twiggs County elementary schools
Twiggs County high schools37.
Twiggs County middle schools47.49.711.31.069.4
Jeffersonville Elementary41.
Twiggs County High School38.
Twiggs Middle School51.110.811.32.575.7
Twiggs Middle School47.49.711.31.569.9

Wilkinson County elementary schools
Wilkinson County high schools41.
Wilkinson County middle schools54.
Wilkinson County Elementary School52.311.
Wilkinson County High School41.
Wilkinson County Middle School54.
Wilkinson County Primary School61.8NANA1.089.3

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