The SEC Network, based out of ... North Carolina?

semerson@macon.comMay 2, 2013 

ATLANTA - One of the curiosities of the new SEC Network is that it will be headquartered in Charlotte, N.C., which happens to be outside the footprint of the SEC.

SEC commissioner Mike Slive had an interesting comment on that.

"Matter of fact I think it's an advantage," Slive said. "I'm delighted to have a presence in North Carolina."

Slive was asked if he could elaborate on that.

"No. I don't need to," Slive said, smiling.

But, Slive was told, people might think he means the SEC will be in the state of North Carolina soon.

"I don't need to (elaborate)," Slive repeated.

The SEC and the North Carolina schools have been rumored dancing partners for several years, but it's only been that: Rumors. And the ACC's recent grant-of-rights agreement has led most observers to believe expansion is done for awhile.

Still, the creation of the SEC Network will only further speculation about the conference trying to expand its footprint beyond its current 11 states. After all, the Big Ten has added three schools - Nebraska, Maryland and Rutgers - since creating its network a few years ago.

But Slive, despite playing coy earlier, denied the SEC Network was created for that reason.

"This is not done with the idea that we're going to expand," Slive said. "This is not a precursor. This does not move the issue of expansion from the far back-burner to any burner further from it. I'm still working on trying to get a schedule put together for 2014."

Translation: The SEC isn't actively looking to expand. But if someone attractive shows up interested ... you know the rest.

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