Macon, Warner Robins observe National Day of Prayer

hgoodridge@macon.comMay 2, 2013 

Maybe it was a coincidence, or maybe it wasn’t.

During a pause for a moment of silence Thursday during the observance of the National Day of Prayer in Macon, bells atop nearby churches started chiming. With some heads bowed and some looking at the overcast sky, about 120 people stood in silence on the sidewalk in front of Macon’s City Hall.

The event started with a few spiritual selections from the Covenant Academy Choir.

“We have so much to pray for in our country, but we have so much to be thankful for,” Jenny McEwen, the choir’s director, said in between songs. “We can pray on our sidewalks and praise freely.”

As the chorus sang its final selection, the overcast sky gave way to sunshine.

Perhaps another coincidence, or not.

“It seems we have forgotten God, but God has not forgotten us,” Pastor Oscar Wisdom of Church of the Harvest said during the opening prayer. “We ask that you exalt our country again.”

During the closing prayer, C. Jarred Hammet Jr., pastor of Northminster Presbyterian Church, asked for God’s help dealing with some local matters.

“While some are nervous about (city) county consolidation, we ask that you consolidate us ... that the city’s welfare is your welfare,” he said.

Meanwhile in Warner Robins, about 50 people attended a service at City Hall. The program included 14 pastors, each giving a prayer with a different focus, ranging from family to gang violence.

Mayor Chuck Shaheen gave the welcoming remarks and said prayer is important to him.

“I couldn’t do it without prayer,” he said. “I’ve prayed with several of you in this room, and I tell you I’ve got an open- door policy for prayer, any time you want to come in.”

Staff writer Wayne Crenshaw contributed to this report.

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