Why does it take movies to make us love Macon?

April 26, 2013 

I might be the only person in Macon who hasn’t seen the “42” movie. Do I want to see it? Kind of. My parents were the “black history isn’t just a month long” type of family, so I know enough about Jackie Robinson. Plus, I’ve been trying to do my part and tell the world Macon is awesome for the past five years, so I’m not THAT excited someone in Hollywood said Macon is awesome and now everyone is flipping out.

“Need for Speed” is being shot here (I think a buddy of mine may be in it) and of course Clint Eastwood was here some months back. All very cool, but why does it take movies to come here for people to like Macon or want to go out? Maybe I’m too young or too old to get it. Just seems backward to me.

When I got back in town earlier this week, I searched far and wide for events to write about this week, and essentially came up with nothing. The Pan African Festival had a decent turnout last Friday when I performed despite the rain, yet there were so many people I talked to who had no idea it was going on.

It has been explained to me that big productions working in Macon make us more attractive as a city and it creates temporary jobs for residents. That’s a plus. But does it really make anyone want to come here? Are the scenes obvious to people outside of Macon that it’s Macon? I’ve never watched a movie and really cared where it was shot as long as it looked cool.

Then again, maybe I should be excited that people are excited and go see the movie. Maybe I’ll go see it this week while I’m in town.

Anyway, I’ll use this time to thank everyone who has been supportive of my tour and new upcoming album (as well as my rants here). Last weekend, I announced that my new album “Psycadelphia Two” will be released Sept. 16. You can find more info on my blog at www.flocotorres.com. Mark your calendars!

For those who read my last column about more diversity at the Cherry Blossom Festival and other festivals in town, I’m hosting a meeting at 6 p.m. Wednesday for anyone who has ideas or input on positive change with this matter. The Douglass Theatre has been gracious enough to let us use its meeting room and also has expressed interest in helping. You can email me with questions or concerns.

It’s a light weekend for entertainment, so this may be a good time to just get out and enjoy the weather and see what fun you can stumble into. Walk your dogs; take a stroll with your girl or boyfriend, or meet a temporary one for the weekend; check out a local restaurant on a different side of town; or meet me at the movies to see “42.” Have a good weekend!

Floco Torres is an artist/songwriter. Contact him at flocotorres@gmail.com.

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