Colby Dee coming home for performance at Cox Capitol Theatre

Sun News correspondentApril 24, 2013 

Nashville, Tenn., recording artist Colby Dee, who considers Middle Georgia her home, will be performing at 7 p.m. Friday at the Cox Capitol Theatre.

The singer will perform her new single, “He Don’t Know,” and those attending the concert will receive an advance of the single, prior to its release on iTunes. The song was written by Dee and two friends.

“It means a lot to come to Middle Georgia, to my home,” said Dee, who took a break from the recording studio in Nashville for a phone interview. “I want them to share these first moments with me.”

Like lots of people in Warner Robins, her father’s job moved Dee in and out of the city. She moved to Warner Robins as a baby and left during her elementary school years, but she considers Warner Robins home. Her grandmother still lives in Warner Robins.

Active in sports as a young person, Dee said she “hung up her shoelaces” to pursue a music career.

“As a songwriter coming from the South, it is easy to fall in love with country music,” Dee said. “Country music tells stories, and as a songwriter I love to draw from personal experiences.”

Dee said one of the things she loves about country music is that the songs relate.

“I am a singer/songwriter, but I am also a listener. I will hear a song on the radio, and then that is exactly how I felt, too. To be able to write a song that relates to someone else is a very rewarding moment.”

Dee will be very busy in the next months. She is scheduled to appear at the Key West Songwriter’s Festival -- the largest songwriters festival in the world -- and in Canada and in Washington, D.C., where she will perform at the Susan G. Komen Global Race for the Cure. She will also start an intensive radio tour to promote “He Don’t Know,” visiting three radio stations a day for six weeks.

“There is a lot of media out there, but people still listen to radio and it is important to have connections with radio,” Dee said. “It is also a chance to say thank you to some of the hardest working people in country music.”

Tickets for Dee’s concert are available through the Cox Capitol Theater website,, or by calling 257-6391. The cost is $10.

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