The fix to Log Cabin Drive needs to be funded

April 24, 2013 

Anyone who has traveled Log Cabin Drive between Mercer University Drive and Napier Avenue is aware of the road’s issues. The section closest to Napier is fine. It was reworked with money from the 1995 special purpose local option sales tax for road improvement. There are sidewalks and the road is wide, but shortly after passing Washington Street, traveling southwest, the road changes into a pedestrian and vehicle nightmare that literally threatens lives every day. Gone are the sidewalks. The road narrows and the houses seem to move closer to the road.

While that might sound like hyperbole, it’s not. Approaching Hollingsworth Road, there are a number of issues. As you crest the hill, Hollingsworth Road is a matter of a few yards. Drivers can’t see oncoming traffic and oncoming traffic can’t see them. It is a white-knuckle experience for everyone.

Still traveling south-southwest on Log Cabin comes a narrow bridge that has been in disrepair for decades. There is but one section of Macon road that is more bumpy, that is on the east side of town at the intersection of Jeffersonville Road and Millerfield Road. We are surprised an alignment shop hasn’t seen the advantage of locating there.

The bridge crossing Rocky Creek on Log Cabin also has several safety concerns, aside from being bumpy and narrow. It has serious drainage issues (Rocky Creek regularly floods the bridge) to corrosion to lead paint. No sidewalks combined with the lack of right-of-way space creates a harrowing experience for walkers.

Help may be on the way. Macon City Councilman Frank Tompkins proposed fixing the area with $1.5 million from the 2011 special purpose local option sales tax. Of course there is worry there won’t be enough money in the general street-repair category, but it’s hard to imagine another section of heavily traveled road that needs repair more.

With the addition of the Filmore Thomas Recreation Area, a center along Log Cabin, that a City Council committee unanimously endorsed (also funded by SPLOST money), fixing the street to its entrance is an idea that is long past due.

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