WRALL spotlight

April 24, 2013 

Robyn Gallagher, team mom for T-ball Royals. Her husband J.P. Gallagher is a coach for the Royals, and they have two children, Madisyn, 5, and Coltyn, 2.

QUESTION: Why did you volunteer to be a team mom?

ANSWER: We really didn’t have any other volunteers. They called and asked.

QUESTION: Did you play sports as a child?

ANSWER: I played softball through high school. My husband plays rec softball with a league.

QUESTION: What is the most difficult part of being a team mom?

ANSWER: Getting them to pay attention in the dugout.

QUESTION: What is your favorite moment of the season?

ANSWER: When Madisyn had a grand slam. She beat them home, and it was seeing her outrun the boys.

QUESTION: What do you do when you aren’t at the ballfield?

ANSWER: I work on base, and my husband also works on base (at Robins Air Force Base).

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