AC Pup: Standing on the shoulders of friends

April 19, 2013 

I have the most wonderful life. I have a great job, people who love me and people I love dearly. I have a warm, comfortable place to live, and I never go to bed hungry.

I’ve gotten to experience things I could never dream were possible when I was left all alone as a tiny puppy on that fateful frigid night. That night I could only dream about being rescued. And rescued I was.

My life reads like a fantastic fairy tale of an orphaned baby that goes on to lead an enchanted life. That’s definitely me.

My family and Central Georgia CARES have played an enormous role in my being practically a household name in the field of animal advocacy. They’ve helped direct my path in shining a spotlight and raising awareness for animals everywhere.

But along my life’s journey, it seems there’s always been a person, a school or a group that’s helped propel me to the next level by opening doors to even more fantastic opportunities.

That happened recently with one such group I visited. That group is the marvelous local AARP.

Their members invited me to come to their January meeting. I attended and was amazed by the reception I got. Not only were the people incredibly warm, but they had collected a ton of food and supplies.

Right before my eyes was a mountain of food and toys. I could hardly contain myself. Between the sweet people at the meeting and the toys, I thought I was in heaven. I had to snoop into every sack to see what it held.

While I was there, in addition to seeing my very good friend Miss Sandy Barrett, I also met Miss Jeannette Carter and Miss Margaret Creech. I really liked them, and I think they liked me too.

Miss Jeannette believes animals help senior citizens in many significant ways. In addition to wonderful companionship and unconditional love, animals give the elderly the peace and comfort of knowing they’re not alone in their homes.

The following month, when the CEO of Cherry Blossom Festival, Mr. Jake Ferro, spoke to AARP, Miss Jeannette and Miss Margaret told Mr. Jake all about me. And guess what? That led to Mr. Jake inviting me to be Animal Grand Marshal of the Cherry Blossom Parade!

I have been able to accomplish many things that benefit animals so far in my life. But I haven’t done it alone. I kind of feel like the turtle stuck up on the fence post that told the passing farmer, “I don’t know how I got here, but I know I didn’t do it by myself.”

I have stood on the shoulders of friends, like Miss Jeannette Carter and Miss Margaret Creech, and many, many more.

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