Your Say: Restore BOE trust with grand jury investigation

Special to The TelegraphApril 18, 2013 

The acting superintendent for the Bibb County School District has reported a looming financial shortfall of significant proportions which appears will require drastic cuts in staffing including professional teachers, the heart of any good educational system.

This “revelation” of anticipated fund deficiency has long been anticipated by many in the community who have closely followed the tenure of Dr. Romain Dallemand’s Macon Miracle Initiative, a “hope” without budget specifics or implementation schedule, and plagued with wanton, undisciplined spending.

The board now faces the daunting requirement to extricate the district from the results of recent poor leadership and inadequate oversight of the administration by the board.

Aside from addressing the now confirmed financial problems, the board must, at the same time, identify, vet and hire an interim superintendent and then a new superintendent.

Can this community have any confidence that this board’s upcoming performance will be significantly better than its past performance considering that 50 percent of this board’s composition is comprised of prior members who were directly involved in its district failures that are currently being revealed?

The failures by these four board members who were instrumental in hiring the previous superintendent and failed to provide adequate oversight of his administration requires an in-depth explanation by these members for these failures, and a convincing in-depth dialogue to the community about how their continued service on the board with its responsibilities of their elected office will result in different, positive and effective results.

Lacking this assurance of commitment by these four board members, any said members should consider immediate resignation as the first step toward the BOE regaining some semblance of community confidence in the board.

If the board feels these recommendations and assertions are unreasonable, I challenge this board to request a grand jury investigation of the BOE similar to that requested by the Macon Water Authority some years ago by its board.

The results of the MWA grand jury investigation were very positive for the community and the MWA. I know because I served on that grand jury and saw the positive results that were initiated by the MWA.

Arthur D. Brook is a resident of Macon.

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