Burglars smash wall at new Sears, steal safe, tools

hgoodridge@macon.comApril 17, 2013 

Kenny Johnson, owner of the new Sears Hometown Store, said burglars smashed through the wall in a vacant storefront next to his business and took his safe and a bunch of tools.

HAROLD GOODRIDGE — hgoodridge@macon.com

Kenny Johnson, owner of the new Sears Hometown Store on Billy Williamson Drive, said business has been great since opening on Jan. 21.

He brought Sears back to Macon after the retailer closed its Macon Mall store in April 2012 after 30-plus years.

Johnson said he opened with a built-in customer base. “People are glad to see Sears back in town. It’s growing every month,” he said about his business. “People have been buying from Sears all of their lives and they’re loyal customers.”

He was stunned when he showed up to work Monday morning to find that burglars broke into a vacant storefront next to his business and busted through a wall leading into his office in the back of the store.

The burglars took his safe, which contained two days worth of receipts, and a bunch of tools and lawn and garden equipment.

“After all the money and effort put into building a business and somebody violates you like that,” Johnson said Wednesday in between helping customers.

Security camera footage showed three men dressed in black with their faces covered entering the office through the wall.

Responding police officers recovered two saws stolen in the heist on Perry Avenue in a neighborhood near the store.

After viewing the camera footage, Johnson said the criminals didn’t look like amateurs.

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