Students selected for Governor’s Honors Program

Sun News correspondentApril 17, 2013 

Houston County and Peach County schools will be well represented at the 2013 Governor’s Honors Program. All five of the Houston County school system’s high schools, as well as Peach County High School, had a student selected to attend the 2013 Governor’s Honors Program.

The program was started in 1964 and is a summer instructional program designed to provide intellectually gifted and artistically talented high school students challenging and enriching educational opportunities not usually available during the regular school year.

Students were nominated by their teachers at their individual schools. Nominations are made based on academic achievement and the students’ passion for a certain area such as agriculture, chemistry, mathematics, social studies, visual art, theater, music or technology.

The finalists will be able to participate in the four week Governor’s Honors Program to be held starting in June at Valdosta State University.

Students from Houston County that were selected to attend Governor’s Honors this summer include:

From Houston County High School: Chen-hui Bergl, social studies; Jacob Bodien, agriscience/biotechnology; Davien Brown, communicative arts; Navin Buxani, chemistry; Ian Clester, mathematics; and Cole Stover, music/percussion. From Northside High School: Austin Maddox, mathematics. From Perry High School: Madeline Dannenberg, theatre performance; and Jacob Turner, social studies. From Veterans High School: Clinton Rogers, music/brass (trombone); From Warner Robins High School: Carmen Foskey, social studies.

Corajean Lackman, from Peach County High School, has been selected as a finalist in the area of social studies.

In a news release sent out by the Peach County school system about Lackman’s selection as a finalist, principal Principal Bruce Mackey was quoted as saying that he “and the rest of the faculty would like to congratulate Corajean on this deserving opportunity to study with the best of the best.”

Best of the best is an accurate statement; more than 3,000 students from across the state applied for the 690 slots at Governor’s Honors.

Carmen Foskey, currently a junior at Warner Robins High School, said that attending Governors Honors will give her an additional opportunity to learn.

“I love to learn and this will give me the opportunity to experience new people and new things and have an experience to tell my friends about,” Foskey said.

Madeline Dannenberg, a junior at Perry High School, is active in all things theater at Perry High School, as well as Theater Macon. During One-Act competition, she has been selected as a Region All Star Cast member for the past three years. She will be portraying Aerial in Perry High School’s upcoming production of “The Little Mermaid.”

“Governor’s Honor is for me such an amazing opportunity experience theater and the chance to work with people that you have never been able to work with,” Dannenberg said. “It is an intensive program and very well known, so it is a privilege to attend.”

Through Facebook, Dannenberg has already made friends from across the state that will be attending the program.

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