Council rejects change in Perry code for RV parking

bpurser@macon.comApril 2, 2013 

PERRY -- City Council rejected Tuesday a proposed change in how recreational vehicles are parked within city limits. But that may not help Tom Collins much.

His vehicle is in violation of the existing ordinance that does not allow RVs parked in a side yard to extend beyond an imaginary line stretched even with the front of a resident’s home. The proposed change would have prohibited RVs from parking in the side yards of corner lots.

But Collins may be able to get an exception for his vehicle from the planning and zoning committee, Mike Beecham, director of community development, told Collins. Collins spoke up during the public comment section of the meeting.

Collins’s RV does extend past the imaginary line but is parked evenly with his wife’s vehicle in the driveway. The couple live on Marshall Circle.

He said he plans to seek the exception.

“I don’t want to stir up a mess or anything,” Collins said after the meeting. “I’ve been there so long. I try to keep my place looking nice.”

He said his 38-foot RV is parked on a concrete driveway. Moving it to the backyard, with the way he has his yard set up, would mean chopping down his wife’s cherry tree. He said he’d rather not do that.

Collins said he has a nice set up, and his neighbors don’t mind.

“Most of the people who are using their RVs take good care of them,” he added.

The planning and zoning committee had recommended amending the existing ordinance to prohibit the parking of RVs on the right of way of any public street and from parking them in the side yards of corner lots.

But the proposal was met with opposition from RV owners at council’s previous meeting. Tuesday, none of the council members sought a second reading and approval of the amendment. Mayor Jimmy Faircloth next asked if there was a motion to deny the amendment, and the vote to deny it was unanimous without discussion from council.

However, during a work session held an hour before the regular meeting, several council members expressed reservations about approving a change in a long-standing ordinance based on a single complaint about how an RV was parked, Faircloth said.

Also, council members felt the proposal placed an undue hardship on residents simply because they had corner lots, Faircloth said.

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