An updated (and projected) depth chart on defense

semerson@macon.comMarch 30, 2013 

Josh Harvey-Clemons discusses his positioning

ATHENS - The necessary preface: There's still a lot of time between now and Aug. 30, when Georgia takes the field against Clemson. The depth chart you're about to read is a snapshot.

But based on the viewable parts of practice, and on conversations with players, here's an educated guess on Georgia's defensive depth chart:

DE: Garrison Smith ... John Taylor
NT: Mike Thornton .... Chris Mayes
DE: Ray Drew OR Sterling Bailey
OLB: Jordan Jenkins ... Chase Vasser
ILB: Amarlo Herrera ... Ryne Rankin
ILB: Ramik Wilson .... Reggie Carter
Star: Josh Harvey-Clemons ... Damian Swann
CB: Damian Swann ... Devin Bowman
CB: Sheldon Dawson ... Reggie Wilkerson
FS: Tray Matthews ... Connor Norman
SS: Corey Moore OR Connor Norman

No, I did not forget outside linebacker. But my expectation, at least right now, is Georgia will be in the above alignment - nickel defense - most of the time. Therefore the above players are the ones most likely to start.

Harvey-Clemons summed it up well, speaking after Saturday morning's scrimmage.

"It really depends on what type of team we're playing, and if it's a team that runs like Alabama or something like that, then we'll probably be base most of the time," Harvey-Clemons said. "But if it's a team that throws a lot, then we'll play a lot of nickel. So it really depends on the gameplan and what team they're playing."

The first opponent, Clemson, does throw a lot.

"Yeah, they do," Harvey-Clemons said, laughing.

But when Georgia is in its base defense:

- Take out the star spot, and insert OLB, which right now would be James DeLoach and then Josh Dawson. - Move Harvey-Clemons to first-team strong safety. Matthews remains the starting free safety.

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