AC Pup offers Easter tips and a news conference at the Braves’ stadium

March 30, 2013 

There are two very important topics for discussion this week. The first is to make sure your furbabies are safe this Easter weekend. The second is an invitation to a really special Braves baseball game in Atlanta next Friday night, April 5.

Let’s start with Easter safety. Little kids are not the only ones who love Easter baskets. I’m sorry to say, most every other dog and cat I know likes them. Trust me on this.

On Easter weekend we just wait for our parents to turn their backs so we can grab a piece of chocolate wrapped in foil or pounce upon the fake, plastic grass in the baskets or hunt for hidden eggs. But please, please, please don’t let us get close to the Easter baskets, candy or eggs. All of these can make us really sick, and I don’t want you to have any animal emergencies on such a special holiday.

First of all, hopefully everyone knows chocolate can be dangerous to pets. And if it’s wrapped in foil, it’s even worse.

Then there’s the fake, plastic grass. Just like ribbon or string, it’s such an attraction to kitties of any age. But it can wreak havoc if dogs or cats ingest it. Please don’t let them play with it, or you may end up at the vet’s office.

Have you thought about Easter eggs? Real eggs that are boiled and decorated as well as the plastic ones can be hazardous to dogs. You see, both real ones and plastic ones can get caught in a dog’s throat, so please keep a close watch during the Easter egg hunt.

And make sure you count how many eggs are hidden and how many are picked up. You don’t want to leave any undiscovered eggs in your yard for a curious dog to find later while he’s unsupervised.

Now for my second big topic to share with you. Next Friday, April 5, in Atlanta, the Homeless Pet Clubs will be recognized at the Braves vs. Cubs game.

And there will be a really big announcement about me at 6 p.m. at the stadium. In fact, there will be an official news conference to share the news.

Can you believe it? My first Atlanta news conference and it’s right before the Braves game! Then at 6:30, our Homeless Pet Clubs will parade around the field before the game.

I want you to be with me at 6 p.m. in Atlanta on Friday. I have some tickets while supplies last in exchange for a bag of dog or cat food at the Georgia Industrial Children’s Home, 4690 North Mumford Road, during business hours.

So please keep everyone safe for Easter and on Friday, play ball!

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