AC Pup: Cherry Blossom parade one to remember

March 22, 2013 

Well, I did it. I was in my very first parade ever, and it was the prestigious Cherry Blossom Parade.

And I was the animal grand marshal.

Oh my goodness, it was a dream come true and experience of a lifetime. I felt so privileged to represent my nonprofit group, Central Georgia CARES, and homeless animals everywhere waiting for loving families.

I was amazed to see the thousands of people who turned out to watch the parade. It was such a thrill to see so many of my friends, many of who had their own furbabies with them. And it was so exciting to see folks in the crowd holding up AC Pup signs. That made me feel so appreciated and was such a treat for me.

Since I’ve never been in a parade before, it was very interesting seeing the enormous work that takes place behind the scenes. I really have loads of respect for those folks who organized the parade. Congratulations to the fabulous Cherry Blossom staff, especially the festival CEO, Mr. Jake Ferro, and Mr. Brandon Gardner for planning a terrific, entertaining parade.

The “behind the scenes” work was fun for CARES, too. From selecting the perfect material for my custom-made, one-of-a-kind Cherry Blossom Festival outfit complete with matching bow tie and leash made by my godmother, Doc May, to finding the great convertible lent to us by Mr. and Mrs. Wendel Nelson, and all the other zillion details that went into getting us ready for the big day, it all went off without a hitch.

You wouldn’t believe the fun my parents, my aunt and I had meeting the dignitaries and really important people while we were lining up for the parade. We kept our camera busy snapping shots of these impressive people.

Talk about a chance of a lifetime! We met the world famous violinist, Mr. Robert McDuffie, who was actually assigned to be beside us as we waited for the parade to start. And guess what he did? He actually pulled out his violin and played for us. We had a private concert by a world-renowned violinist!

We were speechless realizing what a gift that was and knowing how fortunate we were to be the recipients of his great talent.

Really, the entire Cherry Blossom Festival is a gift. We all are recipients of the enormous work others have done to showcase our beautiful city. I am very grateful to them for their efforts.

I encourage everyone to support the events this weekend, as well. In fact, I want to personally invite you to the grand finale Sunday at Wesleyan College at 5 p.m. And please look for me. I’ll be one of the guests of honor at the grand finale!

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