DA releases 911 call, dashboard camera video in Kroger killing

awomack@macon.comMarch 20, 2013 

Vivian Marable’s call to 911 lasted a minute and 18 seconds.

While the 84-year-old woman was at the Pio Nono Avenue Kroger the afternoon of Dec. 21, 2012, “a big black guy” begged her for money.

“He kind of looked at me funny when I went in,” she told a Macon police dispatcher.

She was only in the store a few minutes.

When she walked to her car, the man followed her again and asked for money.

“I did give him a dollar because, you know, I didn’t know what he’d do,” Marable said.

She said police probably would find the man sitting on a bench. That’s where he was when she left the parking lot.

“He may not be up to nothing ... but it just makes you feel uneasy,” Marable said.

The Telegraph obtained a copy of Marable’s 911 call, police in-car camera video and Kroger surveillance camera video Wednesday as part of an Open Records Act request.

The videos don’t show images of the altercation that led to police officer Clayton Sutton shooting 49-year-old Sammie Davis Jr., three times. Davis, also known as “Junebug,” later died.

The Georgia Bureau of Investigation conducted a two-month independent investigation into the shooting. Last week, Macon Judicial Circuit District Attorney David Cooke ruled the shooting was justified.

Sutton, who was on administrative leave for nearly three months after the shooting, has returned to work pending the outcome of a police department internal affairs investigation that will include the convening of a shooting review board.

In recent days, Sutton has written police reports about stolen guns being recovered at area pawn shops.

Police response

Sutton’s police car was parked parallel to the store entrance, the opposite direction of where his altercation with Davis occurred.

Seconds after his in-car camera started recording, Sutton said, “Sir, just stay there” and he called for an ambulance.

A second police officer’s dashboard camera was recording as he drove from the nearby police precinct with his siren blaring and pulled in front of the supermarket, facing Sutton.

The video shows Sutton standing in the parking lot, just a few feet from the sidewalk curb beside the store, holding his gun.

The gun was at his side, pointed to the ground.

Sutton told the first officers that arrived to stand back.

He told one of them, “He cut me. ... I don’t know what he cut me with.”

Customers continued to walk into the store and out to the parking lot as officers checked Davis for weapons. Some watched the officers from behind crime scene tape near the entrance.

Sutton told dispatchers to send a detective, crime lab technicians and someone from Internal Affairs.

When an ambulance arrived, Sutton guided it into the parking lot. Sutton told the emergency crew to help Davis.

Photos taken by police show police and emergency medical workers tending to Davis on the sidewalk beside the store.

Drops of blood were photographed near the curb, as were three shell casings scattered a few feet into the parking lot.

Close-up pictures of the bloody cut on Sutton’s neck also were taken.

Sutton was recorded telling one of the officers that the man came at him and grabbed him.

“I shot him,” he said.

Information from Telegraph archives was used in this story. To contact writer Amy Leigh Womack, call 744-4398.

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