Garbage pickup days likely to change for some in Houston

wcrenshaw@macon.comMarch 20, 2013 

About 1,600 people in unincorporated Houston County likely will have to remember a new garbage pickup day soon.

Advanced Disposal Garbage, which has the contract for garbage pickup to 19,000 customers in the county, is proposing changes in pickup times for some of those.

Operations manager Jeanne Moyer said at Tuesday’s Houston County Commission meeting the change is needed because of growth on certain routes. It would balance out the number of pickups on each day of the week.

She will present the proposal again at the April 2 board meeting, and then commissioners will decide whether to approve it. None of the commissioners raised any objections Tuesday. Commission Chairman Tommy Stalnaker said it would help keep pickup rates the same.

There is no simple way to explain who will be impacted, as it will affect different areas of the county, Moyer said.

If approved, however, those who will be impacted will have a notice placed on their trash can during the week of April 8. The change will start April 22. Customers who do not get a notice that week will not have their pickup day changed.

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