Houston County High actors to perform ‘Ragtime’

Sun News correspondentMarch 20, 2013 

Houston County High School will present its production of “Ragtime, the Musical” Thursday through Saturday. The performances will be at 7 p.m. in the school theater.

“Ragtime” is a multi-Tony Award winner and was huge hit on Broadway in the mid 90s. It incorporates several different styles of music to tell the story about life in the United States in 1910.

Keith Tiller, music director at Houston County High, brought the idea of “Ragtime” to drama director Bronwyn Jardin, who said that the voices of students made it the right year to do this show.

“Because he is the music director, he is more familiar with the voices as he listens to them in class,” said Jardin. “The music is very varied, and we have some outstanding singers.”

The show will incorporate several supplemental choruses -- students who wanted to sing the music but were not able to commit to being in the play.

Along with the music of the era, Ragtime will incorporate the costumes of the era. The costumes help to distinguish the three crowds in the story.

“There are the immigrants into New York City with their rag tag clothes,” Jardin said. There is the Harlem crowd, which is very colorful and the upper crust white community with their pales and pastels. The costumes make for a wonderful contrast of the three groups, and therein is the story of how they intertwine.”

Jardin has two student directors, Alyssa Lorenz and Hunter Hufnagel, who have brought their vision of “Ragtime” to the production.

“Hunter and I split the show,” said Alyssa, “ and said you do this scene and I will do that scene. Then we took it to Mrs. Jardin, and she made some suggestions. I am pretty proud of what we did.”

Alyssa said the goal she and Hunter had for the show was for it to appeal to the audience and be “the best that it can be.”

Alyssa and Hunter also have lead roles in the show. “We blocked each other scenes,” said Alyssa, “and have had to critique each other. But it is all about teamwork.”

Adult pre-sale tickets for “Ragtime, the Musical” are available for $8 through Wednesday from 4-6 p.m. in the theatre box office. Adult tickets after Wednesday are $10 On opening night, Thursday, senior citizen (65+ years of age) tickets are $5. All student tickets are $5. For further information, please contact Jardin at 988-6340, extension 32366.

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