March 20, 2013 


Geinzer, Mason Cole, born Feb. 25 to Laura Hough and Kenneth Geinzer of Warner Robins.

Askew, Kaleb James, born Feb. 26 to Alexis Askew of Warner Robins.

Baker, Daisy Ray Michelle, born Feb. 26 to Gayla Staples and Jonathan Baker of Taylor.

King, LeLand Joseph Marque, born Feb. 26 to Contessa King of Warner Robins.

Eli Kristopher Everett, born Feb. 27 to Krystal Everett of Hawkinsville.

Godinez, Charlie Jade Lee, born Feb. 27 to Jacquelyn Chowning and Joseph Godinez of Warner Robins.

Teele, Ellie Mae, born Feb. 27 to Lance and Victoria (Avery) Teele of Ellaville.

Ussery, Martha Elaine, born Feb. 27 to Sallie Rutherford and Kenneth Ussery of Warner Robins.

Walter, Orion James, born Feb. 27 to Joshua and Natashia (Higgins) Walter of Warner Robins.

Cooley, Liam Crobin Tyler, born Feb. 28 to Stephan and Megan (Duke) Cooley of Warner Robins.

Corona, Abigail Gama, born Feb. 28 to Laura Y. Corona and Ismael Gama-Ponce of Warner Robins.

Jones, A’Jayla Kania, born Feb. 28 to Natashia Jones of Warner Robins.

Perez, Jayden Kyle, born Feb. 28 to Raul and Diana (Torres) Perez of Macon.

Rumph, Violet Grace, born Feb. 28 to Jack and Ginger (Rahn) Rumph of Kathleen.

Spanberger, Bradley Wayne, born Feb. 28 to Kristin Spanberger of Macon.

White, McKenzie Annalen, born Feb. 28 to Bradley and Jessica (Vickers) White of Bonaire.

Dutkiewicz, Brynlee Lynn, born Feb. 28 to Ryan and Jaime (Echorst) Dutkiewicz of Warner Robins.

Collier, Leeann, born March 2 to Detavisau and Patricia (Holmes) Collier of Unadilla.

Hilderbrand, John Louis, born March 2 to James and Megan (Crane) Hilderbrand of Bonaire.

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