Monday trivia turns up pink

March 17, 2013 

It’s time for the “Think Pink” bonus edition of Monday Morning Trivia.

How much do you know about the Cherry Blossom Festival and its history? You’re about to find out. (I’ll admit I had to look up a few of these myself.)

1. Macon is home of the International Cherry Blossom Festival, and Washington, D.C., hosts the annual National Cherry Blossom Festival. Where is the home of the National Cherry Festival?

A. Yazoo City, Miss.

B. Spunky Puddle, Ohio

C. Traverse City, Mich.

D. Possum Trot, Ky.

2. Which popular talk show hostess televised her show from the festival in 1987 and ’90?

A. Oprah Winfrey

B. Sally Jessy Raphael

C. Rosie O’Donnell

D. Ellen DeGeneres

3. The 45th annual Friends of the Library Old Book Sale will be part of the festival on Thursday through Sunday at the Macon Centreplex. Where was the first old book sale held in 1969?

A. Armory Ballroom

B. Central City Park Long Building

C. Westgate Mall

D. Earth Lodge council chamber at Ocmulgee National Monument

4. When weatherman Willard Scott made a live morning appearance from Macon on “The Today Show’’ during the 1983 festival, what meteorological event took place?

A. Snow flurries

B. Earthquake

C. Tornado

D. Consolidation

5. Robert McDuffie, who was one of the grand marshals in Sunday’s festival parade, is a renowned violinist and played during the opening community worship service at Vineville Methodist during the 2010 festival. What song did he perform?

A. “I Dreamed a Dream” from Les Misérables

B. “The Devil Went Down to Georgia” by Charlie Daniels

C. “That’ll Be the Day” by Buddy Holly

D. “Ashokan Farewell” from the Ken Burns documentary “The Civil War”

6. When James Brown appeared in concert for the 1994 festival, a ceremony was held to name what after him?

A. Walnut Street bridge across Interstate 75

B. Reflecting pool at Washington Park

C. Trail at Brown’s Mount

D. Godfather’s Pizza of Soul

7. Which of the following venues has NOT hosted the annual balloon glow during the opening weekend of the festival?

A. Wesleyan College campus

B. Herbert Smart Airport

C. Middle Georgia State College (formerly Macon State)

D. Family Dollar parking lot

8. Macon’s Sabrina Sikora, an international model now living in Hong Kong, was named Cherry Blossom queen in 2002 and went on to be crowned Miss Macon two years later. What national television show did Sikora appear on in January 2005?

A. NBC’s “Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Model Search”

B. “Survivor”

C. “American Idol”

D. “Dancing with the Stars”

9. When he was Ronald Reagan’s vice-president in 1984, George H. Bush attended the festival. What did Bush plant in a ceremony at Third Street Park?

A. Bush

B. Cherry tree

C. Time capsule

D. Copy of “Dig One for the Gipper”

10. What is the “official” shade of Glidden pink paint used by the Cherry Blossom Festival?

A. Wascaly Wabbit

B. Tweety Bird

C. Tutti Frutti

D. Surf ’n’ Turf

ANSWERS: 1, C. 2, B. 3, C. 4, A. 5, D. 6, A. 7, D. 8, A. 9, B. 10, C.

GRADES: (9-10) Festival royalty. (7-8) Yoshino machine-oh. (5-6) Pretty in pink. (3-4) Blossom possum. (0-2) You have the right to remain silent.

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