Cherry Blossom Festival haiku

March 17, 2013 

The cherry blossom

A signature of springtime

Macon jubilee

-- Genevieve Hornsby

Pretty flowers bloom

While birds chirp in the spring air

Cherry blossom time!

-- Amelia Hardy, age 8

Macon in the pink

Cherry blossoms we must see

Come taste the sweet treats!

-- Leriya Foster, age 10

Lanier’s grand hometown

Fills the air with life and song --

Sidney would be proud

-- Jonathan Ashurst

Sunshine blossoms wide

Bees going from bloom to bloom

Cherry blossom time

-- Susan Maddox


As blooms go past peak

Petals float like little bugs

Landing like pink snow

-- Susan Maddox

Bare barren branches

Suddenly buds pop open

Cherry trees blooming

-- Susan Maddox


From one single tree

To record breaking numbers

Macon’s cherry trees

-- Susan Maddox


From tiny cuttings

Tall spreading cherry trees come

Making Macon pink

-- Susan Maddox

Red and white falling

Beautiful blooming spring trees

Spring is beginning

-- Mary Cloutier

Beauty all around

Pink petals gilding the town

Cherry blossom bliss

-- Kim West

Sun please kiss these trees

Today was made for blossoms

You can do it, please

-- Brenda Scarborough

The first pink blossom

Peeks ore its branch from under

A day of wonder

-- Brenda Scarborough

Ah, so beautiful

The pink trees in the city

Waiting for their praise

-- Brenda Scarborough

Pink petals dancing

To the beat of the music

Macon’s Street Party

-- Beverly Owens

Fantasy in pink

As petals burst into bloom

Macon’s March Madness

-- Beverly Owens

A canvas of pink

Brushstrokes of varying hues

Frames Macon’s landscapes

-- Beverly Owens

Yoshino trees bloom

Ushering the dawn of spring

Macon celebrates!

-- Beverly Owens

Sweet cherry ice cream

Delicacy from the churn

A downtown delight!

-- Beverly Owens

Like lacy snowflakes

Pink petals drift to the ground

Springtime has arrived

-- Beverly Owens

Cherry blossoms loom

Patiently waiting to bloom

Will this be our doom?

-- Pierce C. Castleberry Jr.

Neighborhoods turn pink

Lining streets with soft blossoms

Macon is happy

-- Jeanine Frey

Pink cherry blossoms

Fluttering in the warm breeze

Macon’s lovely gifts

-- Jeanine Frey

Clad in homespun bark

The cherries step out in March

In pink party hats

-- Jim Ferrari

Pink stardust settles

The spell of March has been cast

Magical Macon

-- Jim Ferrari

An intense forecast

Melts like slow motion comfort

As the cherries bloom

-- Susie Rawlins Tompkins

Pink cherry blossoms

Shimmering in the cool breeze

Festival time nears!

-- Liz McCarthy

Pink stars on a branch

Twinkling in the beams of sun

Macon on spring’s stage!

-- Liz McCarthy

Pink popping all ‘round

Trees are dressing for Macon

Black tie optional!

-- Liz McCarthy

Tightly wrapped pink buds

Waiting for warmth to unfurl

Oh my, hard to wait!

-- Liz McCarthy

Pink bloom’s perfection

Call it nature’s reflection

Pure sweet confection 

-- Gail Logan

Some, old withered now,

Grey gnarled in freezing winter,

Resplendent pink, spring!

-- Lynn S. Neal

Down street tunnels of

Cherry pink cotton candy

Macon’s own sweet spring!

-- Lynn S. Neal

Fragile pink blossoms

Very pleasing to the eye

Love this time of year

-- Kristy Woodard

Cherry blossoms bloom

Their soft pink color dazzles

In light from above.

-- Molly Lee, sixth grade

Cherry ice cream rules

I use many disguises

To get more servings

-- Emma Darnell

Floating in the air

No, I cannot stop staring

Delicate blossoms

-- Charles Ritter

Winter takes its leave

A warming breeze, a soft rain

Buds open pale pink

-- John Hairston

Beginning of spring

Trees appear as snow covered

Majestic blossoms

-- John Hairston

Pink flowers blooming

Across this beautiful town

Memories are made

-- Erin Codone

Cherry blossoms bloom

Many people visit us

Cash registers ring

-- Lee A. Paquet

Blossoms a-budding,

Festivities come flooding

Cherry blossom time!

-- Dianne Sweckard

Pink, cherry blossoms

Blowing in the Macon wind

Spring comes home again

-- Andrew Bedingfield

Sweet, old cherry tree

Thy blossoms now adorn thee

Thank you, cherry tree

-- Andrew Bedingfield

Painted cars drive past

The best time of year is here

Pinkest party time

-- Ellie Brundige

Central City Park

This is the place to be when

The festival comes

-- Ellie Brundige

Blossoms gently drift

A sure sign spring has come

Cherry blossom time

-- Ellie Brundige

Pink swirling flowers

Celebrations all around

We know what’s starting

-- Sydney Wood

So incredible

To see these trees in new bloom

They hold our eyes still

-- Chris Fryer

The beautiful blooms

Light as air pink and vibrant

They are meant to share

-- Chris Fryer

Look! Look! Down the street

The pink branches are lovely

Macon loves springtime

-- Jeanine Frey

Festival is here

The blossoms are everywhere

Pink is on display

-- Jeanine Frey

Dancers with pink bows

Yummy funnel cakes to eat

Cherry Blossom Queen

-- Victoria McKinley, third grade

Elephant ears, yum

Hot air balloons in the park

Miss Cherry Blossom

-- Holly Burns, fifth grade

So fun in the park

Cherry blossoms are light pink

Colored pink poodles

-- Ryan LaPradd, fifth grade

Pink poodle princess

Cherry trees bloom all around

Pink hot air balloons

-- Caroline Neisler, fifth grade

The parade is cool

Concerts are very awesome

Lots of fun, fun stuff

-- Jacob Mobley, fifth grade

Grapevine Band good fun

Great funnel cakes in the park

Pink ribbons downtown

-- Jordan Gorman, fifth grade

Pink trees everywhere

Poodles with pink ribbons, too

Great cherry ice cream

-- Riley Lester, fourth grade

Miss Cherry Blossom

Lots of pink cotton candy

There are pink ribbons

-- Joshua Lyles, second grade

Great elephant ears

Pretty ribbons in the park

Pink hot air balloons

-- Macy Collins, second grade

Beautiful blossoms

Cotton candy is yummy

Much fun in Macon

-- Lana Buckley, second grade

Cherry blossom time

Pink poodles in the pink park

Pink cotton candy

-- Kyzer Stafford, second grade

Miss Cherry Blossom

The parade is lots of fun

Pink cotton candy

-- Stella Williams, second grade

Pink cotton candy

Great dancers in down town park

Pink poodles are cute

-- Lilla Simmons, second grade

Many pink poodles

Good cherry cotton candy

Fun rides in the park

-- Lela Kinnett, first grade


Fun rides in the park

Around on the Ferris wheel

Fast rollercoaster

-- Gray Greenwood, first grade

Wonderland of pink

Cherry Blossom Festival

Our Georgia in spring.

-- Michelina Foster

The blossoms bloom pink

They will fall soft at the end

They will feel no pain

-- Garrett Arisman

Pink cotton candy

Many cherry trees blooming

Great fun in the park

-- Hampton Yarbrough, second grade

A pink face looks up

It will fall in due time but

For now it will smile

-- Garrett Arisman

A pink petal falls

We will all fall in some way


-- G. Star

Spring pauses. Buds peek.

Pink clouds appear suddenly.

It’s March in Macon!

-- Tracy Coyle

Beautiful season

Parades, concerts, visitors,

Macon welcomes you!

-- Tracy Coyle

Pink trees, bumblebees

Cherry blossom time is here

Macon is dreamy!

-- Tracy Coyle

Blossoms are blooming

Rides are lit up and spinning

Pink covers Macon.

-- Laura Capista

Riding on a float

Decorated prettily

All the people stare

-- Carolyn Krauss

Pretty little birds,

Sweetly singing such soft songs

Perches are so pink

-- Carolyn Krauss

Pink Cherry blossom

Petals are so happy, they

Make the season bright

-- Carolyn Krauss

Pink lines the wide streets

It’s festival time in town

Macon is smiling.

-- Jeanine Frey

Unmatched pink beauty

We all are proud of Macon

Fun, food, music, lights

-- Jeanine Frey

Spring time cherry cheeks

Shall bloom out and unite in

Pink’s fluttering mind

-- John MacNeil

Springtime in Macon

Cherry Blossom Festival

Memories made here

-- Esther Bowman

Cherry blossoms fall

On a late March afternoon

Soon, just memories

-- Doyle Spence

We see pink blooming

In spring and begin again

Renewal our goal

-- Doyle Spence

Let’s celebrate blooms

Pink and white flowers in spring

Life is refreshed, new!

-- Doyle Spence

Pink and green unions

Tinged with white, kissed by warm sun

In March, cherry trees!

-- Doyle Spence

Historic city

Macon in peace and color

Cherry blossom time!

-- Doyle Spence

River flows sweetly

And cherry trees line its banks

Homes, spires, streets glow pink!

-- Doyle Spence

Someone planned so well

Plant three-hundred thousand trees

Stunning pink March blooms!

-- Doyle Spence

Slow to savor life

In your lovely pink-tinged town

Feel your heart be thrilled!

-- Doyle Spence

Macon, a blessed place

Good dirt, rain, sun. God’s magic

Cherry blossom time!

-- Doyle Spence

Cherry trees abloom

Pink halos wreathed above all

A town in color!

-- Doyle Spence

Beautiful Macon

Even without the pink blooms

But with, words fail me

-- Doyle Spence

Macon in spring. Come!

Here, let nature fill your heart

Rest your mind and soul

-- Doyle Spence

The pretty flowers

That bloom in the spring always

Bring beauty and joy

-- Morgan Cortes

Landscape flocked in pink

Necks craned for a bird’s eye view

Cherry blossom lark

-- Linda Gillis

Tender ravishment

Caressing breeze sweetly blows

Soft kisses of spring

-- Linda Gillis

Pink sun-kissed petals

Flutter whimsically down

Gracing Macon streets

-- Jennifer Harris

Celebrations start

Parades are booming around

Blossoms have brought spring!

-- Jennifer Harris

The sky touches light

And pink petals fall like snow

Holding memories

-- Amanda Rowan

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