Clayton-to-Bibb rail off for this legislative session

mlee@macon.comMarch 14, 2013 

A bill that would help set up high-speed rail between Clayton and Bibb counties won’t leave the station during this legislative session.

State Rep. Keisha Waites, D-Atlanta, told the House of Representative’s Intragovernmental Coordination Committee that her House Bill 6 “simply starts the conversation” about high-speed rail.

It would create an authority in charge of land acquisition as well as building and running a rail.

The land deal is a no-go for some committee legislators. The authority would have the power of eminent domain to force property owners to sell land.

High-speed rail would require either a new or expanded corridor or building on stilts. Conventional freight rail is not suitable for a range of reasons, such as the number of road crossings and proximity to buildings.

The committee had only scheduled a discussion on the bill, not a vote.

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