Sophomore crowned Miss Veterans High

March 13, 2013 

Valerie Davis, a sophomore, was crowned Miss Veterans High School at the school’s annual pageant held March 2.

First runner-up was Ella Ondike and second runner-up was Taylor Liszewski, who also won the academic award. Third runner-up was Cassie Hullett. Kayla Carter was the People’s Choice winner and Brea Daniels was selected as Miss Congeniality.

Valerie, who was first runner-up in last year’s pageant, sang and played the piano in the talent portion of the event. Valerie won both the talent and interview preliminaries.

Although she won two preliminaries, Valerie said she wasn’t overly confident about getting the crown.

“I have done that before, won interview and talent and not won the pageant,” Valerie said, “so even though I knew I had a good chance, I honestly didn’t think I had won it.”

As for her plans for representing Veterans High, Valerie said she plans to get involved in the community and volunteer.

“I want to be the face for Veterans,” Valerie said, “and represent the school in the best way possible.”

She is looking forward to her year serving as Miss Veterans in part because of the school itself.

“You will just never see a student body like the one we have at Veterans,” Valerie said. “We really support each other. We are like a family. We love each other.”

Valerie said that being part of the early years of the school has meant a lot to her.

“It is exciting to be part of helping to make traditions that will last forever,” Valerie said. “We are setting the stage for what it means to have school pride and school spirit.”

Former Miss Warner Robins Mary Ann Branch Coskery and her daughter Nashville recording artist Colby Dee emceed the pageant.Colby Dee also performed several original songs during the pageant.

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