AC Pup: Good triumphs over evil

March 1, 2013 

I love stories with happy endings. You’d think I’d outgrow the desire for every story to be a fairy tale. But I have a fairy tale life, and I want everybody to have one too.

That’s why I’m so happy to share this story. You may remember Baby and Zoey, the two dogs kidnapped sometime around Thanksgiving last year.

Baby, a beautiful white and tan mix, and Zoey, a Catahoula Leopard Dog/Chow Chow blend, were friends who lived in the same neighborhood in east Macon near the Macon Downtown Airport. For some reason known only to the perpetrator, these sweet girls were loaded into a strange car and driven across town to north Macon.

Once the perpetrator reached Kroger on Forsyth Road, he or she decided to stop the car. Then this person did the unthinkable by pushing these girls out of the car into the parking lot and driving away, leaving Baby and Zoey behind.

Since it was Thanksgiving weekend, Kroger was not busy and the parking lot was relatively empty. The girls, who were family pets, were left alone to fend for themselves.

A lady came upon them and was able to pick up Zoey, but Baby would not come to her. She photographed Zoey in her car and Baby in the Kroger parking lot. But since Baby was afraid, she had to leave her behind.

Although we were happy this lady picked up Zoey, we were never able to communicate with her and were uncertain of Zoey’s whereabouts so we could return her to her family.

Happily, Baby was found Nov. 29 by a wonderful lady in a nearby apartment complex and was able to return to her family. However, she needs a new home since she’s still in jeopardy at the airport.

But we never knew where Zoey was, so her family had to move out of state without her. We all looked for Zoey for months, but there was never a sighting or communication about her.

Imagine my surprise on Feb. 19 when one of my new Facebook friends sent me a picture of a dog he found not far from Kroger. I immediately thought it might be Zoey. Could it really be her after almost three months? I held my breath until we confirmed it is Zoey!

Since Zoey’s original family moved, she needs a new, perfect family. And since Baby must leave the airport area, she needs a loving family, too. E-mail me at if you’re interested.

What an incredible, happy ending to a story that began with a wicked deed. I’m so thankful the kind people who found Baby and Zoey cared enough to protect them and attempt to find their families. I love it when good wins over evil.

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