February 27, 2013 

Mattingly, Harli Kate, born Jan. 27 to Joby and Megan (Belflower) Mattingly of Perry.

Harpe, Ja Torri Ahmir, born Feb. 3 to Trivia Harpe of Ideal.

Hernandez, Calleigh Grey, born Feb. 3 to Diego and Nikki (Wright) Hernandez of Perry.

Cowan, Olivia Katherine, born Feb. 4 to Brandy Cowan of Warner Robins.

Walker, Asiyan Philip, born Feb. 4 to Christina Urie and Corey Walker of Warner Robins.

Buttersworth, Clarissa Rose, born Feb. 7 to Michael and Kathryn (Rodriguez) Buttersworth of Warner Robins.

Cohen, Madelyn Elizabeth, born Feb. 7 to Jeffrey and Rebecca (Geismar) Cohen of Warner Robins.

Kale, Chad Michael Jr., born Feb. 7 to Chad and Carol (Carver) Kale of Kathleen.

Cortes, Jeimy Paloma Suarez, born Feb. 8 to Lourdes Cortes Salinas and Arturo Suarez of Byron.

Davis, Jaci Onna De’Kara, born Feb. 8 to Srey-Lorenze Davis.

Sharp, Madisyn Rae, born Feb. 8 to Emily Sharp of Perry.

Perez, Mailen Nicole, born Feb. 9 to Elizabeth Loza and Darwin Perez of Warner Robins.

James, Jaxson Zander, born Feb. 11 to Kimberly Hagerman and Jeremy James of Byron.

Horton, Cassidy Lynn, born Feb. 12 to Adam and Christine (Poynter) Horton of Warner Robins.

Reynolds, Hunter Mason Ryder, born Feb. 12 to Misty (Riggins) Reynolds and Steve Reynolds Jr. of Warner Robins.

Whitfield, Michael Todd Jr., born Feb. 12 to Kristal Wynn and Michael Whitfield of Fort Valley.

Yasin, Nora Alexis, born Feb. 12 to Ross and Lindsay (Jones) Yasin of Perry.

Barrett, Kamille Da’Niyah, born Feb. 13 to Denesha Clark and Ric’Sheem Barrett of Warner Robins.

Evans, Ja’Zaila Rodjhanay, born Feb. 14 to Jevina Nottingham and Rodney Evans of Warner Robins.

Freeman, Phaedra Domonique, born Feb. 14 to Bridget Keen and Adrain Freeman of Perry.

Harvey, Makayla Amari, born Feb. 14 to Michael and Amethyst (Turner) Harvey of Bonaire.

Haywood, Maleah Jayde, born Feb. 14 to Jerry and Marissa (Little) Haywood of Byron.

Orozco, Selena Marie Angel, born Feb. 14 to Francisco Angel Alcaraz and Angelica Angel (Orozco) Alcaraz of Macon.

Samuels, Antonious Jamal Jr., born Feb. 14 to Rachel Burnette and Antonius Samuels of Warner Robins.

Willis, Sara Nicole, born Feb. 14 to Shane and Jennifer (Raborn) Willis of Warner Robins.

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