Legislative Notebook: House passes falcon regulation

February 23, 2013 

The House unanimously adopted state rules to make it easier for the state’s 179 falconers to hunt with their hawks and falcons. House Bill 274 sets up falconry licensing that is compliant with federal rules, eliminating the possibility of needing both a state and federal license. From the House floor, bill sponsor state Rep. Jon Burns, R-Newington, advised his colleagues to vote yes or face angry constituents armed with birds: They’re “like a predator drone. You won’t see anything until it happens.”

Senate seeks bigger Mercer grant

The state House and Senate will have to negotiate on the annual grant they want to give the Mercer University School of Medicine. The House budget suggests $20.6 million, and the Senate says $21 million. Gov. Nathan Deal suggested $20.3 million. The state grants money to the Macon private school as well as Atlanta’s private Morehouse School of Medicine to train doctors to work in underserved rural or urban areas. The House and Senate must settle their differences and pass the budget by the time their annual session ends, likely in early April.

-- Maggie Lee

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