Have your pig and pizza, too

February 22, 2013 

Every time I drove by the sign for Pig On A Pie, I wondered what on Earth that could be. Ham pot pies? Bacon pizzas? Was it a command to pig out on their bakery products?

Turns out, Pig On A Pie is a name that ties together the restaurant’s two specialties: pizza and barbecue. The two titles are never actually on the same menu item, however.

The closest it comes is the Barbecue Pizzandwich, a pulled pork sandwich served on a folded pizza crust to resemble bread. You can imagine how filling this is, especially when you consider that the barbecue is smothered in cheese before the top pizza slab is added. If you like to completely fill your belly, this is a good way to do it for only $7.99.

We tried a variety of items from the menu and the meat pizza was by far our favorite. Big chunks of quality sausage, ham and beef cover the entire pizza. The size of the toppings reminded me of pizzas of yore, when a pizza looked more like a vehicle for the toppings instead of the toppings looking like decorations for the crust.

Their specials are a good deal, too, like the Party Special that we bought. For $29.99, we got two large specialty pizzas, 10 wings and sweet sticks. The wings look more like drum sticks, they are so huge. They also are hickory smoked, giving them some differentiation from all the other wings out there. The sweet sticks are just pizza dough covered in a cream-cheese flavored icing, which makes me feel gluttonous after a huge meal of dough, but that could just be me.

Our other specialty pizza, the white pizza with garlic sauce, ricotta and mozzarella, seemed to be missing the fluffy ricotta and was rather flat and boring. I understand that regulars -- of which there seem to be quite a few already, judging from the steady flow during our visit -- love the white pizza. So, I’m thinking something was just off with ours.

The barbecue meat itself was good but the sauce was rather sweet, so be warned vinegar lovers. Remember, it’s going to be served on a pizza crust with a lot of cheese, so you may want to request it disassembled or without cheese if you’re a barbecue purist.

Visit Pig On A Pie’s Facebook page to see their menu and specials. If you live near the restaurant, you will enjoy having a homemade pizza place in your neighborhood and I hope you will frequent it often to keep it in business.

If you don’t live near, it’s worth a visit just for the novelty of the giant Pizzandwiches and the old fashioned meat pizza. The prices are fair, the people are nice, and the food will definitely fill you up (for a few days).

Pig On A Pie

Address: 5797 Houston Road, Macon

Phone: (478) 781-3430

Hours: 11 a.m.-9 p.m. Mondays-Saturdays

Payment: Cash, credit

Smoking: No

Alcohol: No

Kids Menu: No

Noise Level: Low

Health Rating: 98

Price range: $6.99 and up

Rating: 2.5 stars

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