NFL Network's Mayock weighs in on Ogletree, Jones

semerson@macon.comFebruary 18, 2013 

ATHENS - Alec Ogletree is still a likely first-round pick, and Jarvis Jones is still a likely top-10 pick - assuming he checks out medically.

At least that's according to respected NFL Network analyst Mike Mayock, who weighed in on each former Georgia linebacker during a Monday teleconference, as well as some other Bulldogs in the draft.

Ogletree's draft status could take a hit after news that he had a recent DUI arrest. That adds to the other smoke around the Newnan native, including a four-game suspension last year for a reported second drug policy violation, and a freshman-year arrest for stealing a $35 scooter helmet.

Mayock summed up Ogletree this way: "Ogletree is a potential top 10 player who has had significant issues."

"Lemme preface it by saying if he were clean off the field I'd be banging the table for (him) being a top-10 pick," Mayock said. "So when you either start talking about either medical issues or off-the-field problems, you get a risk-reward scenario. And every team's different with how they assign risk vs. reward. I think most teams are gonna look at him and say: OK, multiple drug issues, and now a DUI. We have to account for it somehow. And some teams are gonna say he's all about reward. I don't think many teams will, but some teams may say he's off the board.

"Most teams are gonna look at him and say (if we're picking in the) top 10, (there's) too much risk there. Too much risk, not enough reward. If we can get him in the second half of the first round, or the first half of the second round. Every team's gonna be different about that."

That will make personal workouts and interviews very important for Ogletree.

"Until all the facts come out, until they get a better feel for him as a kid, it's just gonna hurt him a half round, a round, it depends on the team," Mayock said.

Still, Mayock said the defending champion Baltimore Ravens, who pick 32nd overall, would "sprint to the podium" if Ogletree or Manti Te'o (who has his own off-field issues) were still available.

As for Jones, the opinion from Mayock is that Jones is a top-10 pick as long as he checks out medically. Jones was left Southern California after his freshman season, 2009, and the USC doctors weren't likely to clear him because of a neck injury. But Georgia doctors cleared him and Jones played the past two seasons without incident.

"If he checks out medically, he's a top-10 player and hopefully will be an impact player," Mayock said. "So he's a guy who would make a whole lot of sense for Detroit (at No. 5 overall)."

So what can Jones do to alleviate those concerns?

"Unfortunately there's nothing he can do to alleviate the medical concerns. He either has stenosis or he doesn't, and it's either continuing to narrow his spine or it's not," Mayock said. "And coming out of the (NFL) combine in about a month or so we'll have a better idea of that, when teams can share all that medical information. So let's take that off the table for a second, and let's assume that's not a problem ... He's explosive, he's tough, he's a playmaker."

Concerning another top Georgia prospects:

- Mayock said nose tackle John Jenkins' value will "come into play" around the fourth pick of the second round.

- Safety Bacarri Rambo projects as a third-round pick.

"I like Rambo a lot. I think he's got real good movement skills. He's probably a third-round safety. He's gonna have to show people he's a solid kid."

- Mayock added that he likes "both the safeties," meaning Shawn Williams as well.

"There's a ton of Georgia kids running around, man," Mayock said. "Every time you put a tape on somebody wants to talk about another one."

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