AC Pup: A sincere spirit of gratitude

February 15, 2013 

Good grief, I’m a thankful boy. My nonprofit group Central Georgia CARES and I have been blessed in so many ways. In fact, when we sit down to count our blessings, we never seem to get to the end of the lengthy list.

The goodness of the people in Middle Georgia has been abundantly clear to us in recent weeks. It’s very apparent there are a huge number of animal lovers in the midstate. And I have a feeling that number is growing as more people realize how wonderful it is to have a pet.

Two things happened recently for CARES and me that made me feel all warm inside. It shows there are so many caring people in our area, and I love to be surrounded by them.

The first thing that happened was my fantastic birthday party at the beautiful Georgia Industrial Children’s Home. That place is Macon’s best-kept secret. The home is also a member of CARES Homeless Pet Club, too.

My birthday party was legendary. I was really just blown away. The turnout was unbelievable. We estimated about 300 or so guests came out to celebrate the birthday of a former little, thrown-away, stray puppy. It just boggles my mind.

And oh my goodness! There was a ton of food generously donated. So of course CARES shared some of this food with our wonderful local rescue groups who work so hard at their own expense to care for animals they’ve saved from pounds.

The next great thing happened when Mr. Mallory Jones invited CARES and me to a Coldwell Bankers SSK sales meeting for a surprise. Going to their sales meetings is always so much fun.

The real estate agents at Coldwell Bankers SSK are incredibly nice, and they really love animals. They’re also members of CARES Homeless Pet Club.

So when folks from CARES and I went to the meeting, we really didn’t know what to expect. I sure was hoping I wasn’t in trouble.

My dad told them about me, and then Mr. Wayne McIntyre asked my Aunt Patti Jones to come to the front of the room. Mr. McIntyre said some of the nicest things about how much Coldwell Bankers SSK cares about animals and how they want to help CARES take care of the animals in Macon.

Then he handed Aunt Patti a check for $500 so CARES can help even more animals! I know one thing for sure. When I get ready to buy my next house, there’s no question which realty company I will use.

CARES and I both are humbled by the deep expression of overwhelming love shown at my birthday party and by Coldwell Bankers SSK. We are very, very grateful.

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